Wilgory Tanjong’s Anima Iris handbags have become a huge hit

Two years ago, Wilglory Tanjong launched its line of luxury handbags, Anima Iris, just want to make bags for fun; now her handbags have gained a reputation as she finishes her MBA

Since launching her hand-sewn geometric handbags in February 2020, they have been featured on HBO Unsafe, by Beyoncé instagram page and are sold by Nordstrom, CNBC reports.

In just two years, Anima Iris has grossed over $700,000 and currently earns over $100,000 per month.

While Tanjong has grown and managed her business, she is also working towards earning an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania. According to AfroTechTanjong got it entrepreneurial the spirit of her parents, who moved from Cameroon to Maryland when she was two years old.

Tanjong spent his youth observing his parents and noticing their enterprising spirit. Her parents owned and operated a laundromat, her father moved house, and her mother owned a small cosmetology studio while working as a nurse.

“I really hated it back then,” Tanjong told the outlet. “But it’s clearly there [my] comes the motivation.

However, things weren’t always exciting for Tanjong, who watched her mother suffer from breast cancer when she was eight and her parents divorce when she was 14. died in his last year.

After graduating, Tanjong moved to Atlanta to work at a manufacturing and supply company. Tanjong was unhappy despite the fact that she earned a lot of money and had an inheritance that her mother left her. After taking time for herself, including a trip back to Africa, Tanjong was inspired to launch Anima Iris.

″[Anima Iris] was a therapy project that made me happy,” Tanjong said. CNBC’s Make It. “I’ve always been a very fashionable person. People always ask me, ‘Where did you get that? Where did you find this? And then I realized, ‘Hey, maybe people will just buy [products] of me.'”

Tanjong plans to complete her MBA this spring and will use it to continue building her handbag business and brand, which is expected to gross more than $5 million next year.

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