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Gorehounds, Blood Babes, Fright Fiends, whatever happens in the night: can you smell it? That sudden cold in the air? Do you smell the fresh cut pumpkins? Caramel apples? Do you see the ghost and the ghouls coming out of the shadows a little more often than usual? Are you waving to them? And do they wave back? What is their name? Because if it’s Daryl, he owes me ten dollars, damn it, and I wanted it yesterday! He can’t avoid me forever, that scary little bastard! Either way, it’s Halloween!

The best time of the year! When it can be macabre, dress like monsters, eat copious amounts of candy and marathon horror movies at will. It’s pretty much what I do all year round, except now it’s more socially acceptable.

Speaking of movies, it’s time for another Double Feature, don’t you think? A great way to celebrate the holidays! The question is, which movies should we pair?

Don’t worry, I got you.

What better movie to celebrate the spooky season than with the Samhain anthology of Michael dougherty, Trick or treats? I realize that some of you may have objections to this, but work with me here. Let’s just “pretend” Trick or treats is the undisputed champion of Halloween movies right now. OK? Thank you!

trick r Treat halloween main - 'Trick' r Treat ': Which movies to associate with this delicious Halloween anthology

Trick or treats! The best Halloween movie ever! No other Halloween movie comes close! We all agree! It’s not a competition at all. I’m glad we’re all on the same side on this!

For those of you who aren’t in the know, here’s a quick rundown.

Halloween Night: The time of year when the barrier between here and the afterlife is thinnest, when ghouls and goblins roam the dark streets, mingling with the living without a second glance. Throughout this night, goosebumps and horrors lurk, some looking for delicious spooky treats, others for some pretty spooky tricks. These are their stories, four of them to be exact, showing what exactly go on halloween night! Note, Sam, the adorable trick ‘r Treater who certainly does not have a sinister side!

Discover it digitally here, or physically here.

So what could be associated with the greatest Halloween movie of all time? What could correspond to this? Just below, I unearthed a stack of possible candidates to associate with this masterpiece of Sin-Amatic storytelling!

Let’s don our Shatner masks, grab our bags of candy, and see what tricks these movies have in store!

1. Scary Show (1982)

“An anthology that tells five terrifying stories inspired by 1950s EC horror comics.– via IMDB.

Horror show! The best Halloween anthology movie ever! Hey we were just pretending Trick or treats was the best before, remember? How could it be the top when Horror show exist? It’s a very close second, however!

What can I say that hasn’t already been said about this show for creeps?

Let me think… well, this is my all time favorite comic book movie. Be proudly inspired by the 50s Comics CE, I think it falls into the category, but your mileage may vary on that. Just know I’m ready to die on this hill.

It’s also by far my favorite Romero movie. The amount of creativity that went into making this film into a comic book is just awesome. chef’s kiss. Just perfect.

Abusive zombie dads wanting sweetbread, space weeds, beach fun in the love triangle, fluffy crate monsters and cockroaches (MANY of them); all these stories Crawl looking forward to sharing with you!

It turns out that when you have George Romero, Stephen king, and Tom savini go full speed ahead at some of the scariest and spookiest horrors this side of the afterlife, fun stuff is created. Who would have thought? I think it’s nice to see Romero doing a less serious project than his normal dowry social remark.

I’m sure the reasons for this pairing are obvious, but I don’t want to assume, so I’ll explain them. They’re both horror anthologies, they both revolve around Halloween, and they’re both filled with dread / blood / spooky joy! You really can’t go wrong with this combo.

View digitally here, or physically here.

2. Halloween Tales (2015)

“Ten stories are woven together by their common theme of Halloween night in an American suburb, where ghouls, imps, aliens and ax murderers appear for one night only to terrorize unsuspecting residents.” – via IMDB.

Look, I’m not gonna sit here and praise Halloween tales. It is not an “overlooked gem of the genre”, or some sort of “treasure so bad that’s good”. Hell, this isn’t even one of the best Halloween movies. But damn if that’s not fun.

Not all stories are bangers, but that doesn’t even matter due to the vacation feeling that comes with it. The spirit of Halloween completely owns this movie, and it’s never exorcised, not even for a second. It is refreshing !

Lots of fun concepts are featured here, ranging from nasty neighbor to grandpa. Satan, to the evil baby fever witch, even to evil man-eating pumpkins. There is a lot of harm in this package, let me tell you. There’s also a fun riff on the slasher genre involving aliens, starting with Friday 13 before becoming Evil Dead 2.

Some familiar faces from horror appear here. Well, faces and a voice. Adrienne Barbeau lends her iconic voice as the film’s narrator, with appearances from veterans of the genre as Jean Landis, Tiffany Shepis, Alex Essoé, Lin Shaye, Barbara crampton, Mick garris, Stuart gordan (he will be missed forever), Pollyanna mcintosh –You can take a coffee break if you need to, it’s a long list– Felissa Rose, Adam Green, Nick Principe, Pat healy, Jean Sauvage (of Carnosaurus 2 Fame), Greg McLean, and Joe dante. If you really love cameos and are familiar with horror culture, you are going to love this one.

Like I said before, none of the tales are the “best thing ever,” but there’s more than enough charm to bring the movie to life. It’s just like Halloween, you know?

Other than the shared Halloween theme, this movie compliments Trick or treats as they both have heart! Samhain’s love embraces every entrance, and you can feel it pulsing through their warm, candy-filled veins. The only difference between them is the budget and Trick or treats is a little more creative.

Discover it digitally here, or physically here.

3. Tales from the Dark Side: The Movie (1990)

“A young boy tells three horror stories to distract a witch who plans to eat him.” – via IMDB.

Also known as “true Scary show 3”. i want to ban that another of my mind, but we are doomed to repeat history and forget it, so I will shoulder this burden.

That being said, none of Creepshow’s directions can really be found here. I know, I sound contradictory, but let me explain. You see, unlike Creepshow, this one follows a storybook approach as opposed to the comic book style of its predecessor. This is interesting, given that the spectacle this movie strayed from, while not following the format either, still felt very CE like a comic book. It’s not a bad thing, just a curious thing.

Where does this movie follow Horror show‘s traces adapts Stephen King and keeps the irony. Each story is really fun, getting more and more imaginative as it goes along. From an auction-bought mummy, to Hell’s Killer Cats, to one of the most heartbreaking romantic tragedies I’ve seen. You didn’t expect that, did you? But it’s true!

While not necessarily a Halloween movie, I think the overall attitude of the movie matches that of Trick ‘r treat… That attitude being a healthy respect for well-deserved rewards and bloodthirsty demons.

You can watch it digitally here, or physically here.

4.V / H / S / 94 (2021)

“A SWAT police team investigates a mysterious VHS tape and discovers a sinister cult that contains prerecorded material that reveals a nightmarish conspiracy. “- via IMDB.

The V / H / S franchising is a special thing, isn’t it? I mean, it was just a alightthe anthology film by a group of independent horror creators who have grown in popularity immensely, bringing together a pretty dedicated fan base who regularly praise it. I think the only reason for this is its first story (“Amateur Night”) because the rest of the movie is nothing in comparison. Following this we received the equally good V / H / S 2, then the not-so-good V / H / S viral, ending the series on a relative moan. Or so we thought.

It appears that, Shudder were not satisfied with all of this and took it upon themselves to correct this perceived evil! At least that’s the heroic interpretation I’m telling myself. I’m sure it was just a solid trade move or something. In any case, it’s my favorite of the series.

That’s an entirely personal preference, of course, given that unlike the later movies, this one only focuses on handy FX monsters and generous amounts of gore, which are two of my favorite things! Not only that, but the FX shown here are actually decent for the most part which is good news for us gorehounds.

Want a worship of the rat god of the sewers? You got it! A dismembered corpse trailing in a wake? Sure! Crazy science body horror cyborgs? Say no more! An exploding rabbit? A strange request, but if you insist!

Some stories are better than others, but I wouldn’t say there is a bad one here. They all have good-sized run times, get straight to the point (for the most part), and are fun times to experience for those who love creatures.

Associate this with Trick or treats seems like a good choice, I think. Both have a fixation on the ghoulish demons who have a tendency to have a habit of tearing people apart like a candy wrapper. Sounds appropriate, right?

Watch it digitally on Shudder. No word on a physical release at this time.

Happy Halloween! Please, for your old buddy Giallo, be safe there! Whether you’re looking for treats or getting ready for tricks, be sure to watch out for dark corners, respect pumpkin lanterns, and if you hear a distant howl, tell yourself it’s just a dog.

Till next time…

Ciao, friends!

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