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Snowflake Mountain, all episodes streaming now on Netflix

If you’ve never really understood the term “snowflake” (relating to the post-millennial generation), be sure to catch them in action on Netflix this summer.

Honestly, watching the first two episodes of this reality show made me despair for humanity…while laughing into a glass of red.

The premise is as follows. Joel Graves and Matt Tate, former military men and versatile outdoor villains, worked with the families of a group of people in their late teens and twenties, luring them into the wilderness on the premise that they are going to be filmed living with each other in a luxury villa.

I suspect they were imagining something akin to Love Island meets Bear Grylls…but without the dirt, hunger, or…wild.

Well, how wrong were they?

Even after being dropped off on a green hillside with their designer luggage, in their designer pants, none of the band members have a clue what lies ahead.

And when the penny drops, and it does, the drama that ensues is priceless. Remember that episode of I’m A Celebrity when Gemma Collins yelled “I hit a tree”? Snowflake Mountain is littered with similar telly gold.

From Solomon asking if her nail polish is classified as ‘essential’, to Deandra raging about needing her protege Fendi and Gucci, former child Sunny complaining about the thickness of the toilet paper and the pre-abandonment. medical Randy telling the hosts he “never” walks anywhere.

I mean. Who do these people (many of them in their late twenties) think they are? Their parents (despite, let’s face it, being complicit in allowing this behavior to go on for so long) say they can’t cook, clean, or work. Liam, from Warwickshire, lives with his grandmother and expects her to do anything for him.

It makes you wonder how this generation of Instagram, which depends so heavily on the life of influencers, will be able to cope in 10 to 20 years, when it will be replaced by people much younger and much cooler than them. .

The first challenge for this motley crew is to plod through the mud to camp. Not a marble villa surrounded by bougainvillea and palm trees. No. Just a rustic open-sided kitchen shack, a basic clapboard toilet, a cold shower (surely trendy) and simplistic bed arrangements.

They are not happy. Not happy at all. Until the hosts reveal that someone will be going home with £50,000 at the end of the show… with a caveat that for every band member who leaves, £5,000 is taken off the total prize money.

So it’s a chance for them to learn, fundamentally, how to live off their own backs and, above all, how to play well with others.

Cue Cat’s survival expert demonstrates how to put down a deer (Solomon not realizing the ribs he’s eating are real animal ribs), hand-gathering firewood, and more.

It’s quite compulsive viewing. And there’s a bright light so far, Rae from Kent, who actually, despite being used to Riley’s life, seems fun, grounded and eager to stay stuck.

But will it continue?

Charlotte SmithJarvis

Lauren Laverne, Jack Saunders, Jo Whiley and Clara Amfo presented highlights from this year’s Glastonbury, which are available to stream on iPlayer for a month
– Credit: BBC/Ray Burmiston/Matt Burlem

Glastonbury Highlights, BBC iPlayer

A trip to a festival has been a highlight of my summer since I was a teenager.

Like many music fans, I started with Reading Festival. It was the days when I would pack little more than a sleeping bag, a pair of sparkly fairy wings and a bottle of super potent cider and then I’d be completely baffled as to why I would have Caught a terrible cold on my back.

Then I was totally spoiled by winning a Radio One contest on Steve Lamacq’s Evening Session by winning a trip to T in the Park in Scotland, where our accommodation for the weekend was a luxury tour bus.

Much nicer than the roommate I was living in at the time (it had a master bedroom with a slug-free ensuite bathroom), Snow Patrol dropped by for a visit and looked around longingly.

Of course, I had to tick Glastonbury off the list – but my trip to Worthy Farm was memorable for the wrong reasons (yes, the infamous mud) and I swore off festivals for a few years.

That was until Latitude moved up the road in Henham Park and was a mainstay in my summer schedule until four nights under canvas became too much for my back and creaky knees .

So what should the music fan do when they reach middle age? I now tend to go to a one-day festival in town – yes, the surroundings aren’t nearly as scenic, but snuggling up in bed at the Premier Inn at midnight is a dream.

And thanks to brilliant coverage of Glastonbury by the BBC last weekend, I got the perfect view of the proceedings in the front row, from the comfort of my sofa.

Making a triumphant (and surprisingly mud-free) return after two years fallow, the crowd’s euphoria was palpable.

So far I’ve watched sets from Metronomy, Kendrick Lamar, Diana Ross, St Vincent, Foals, Supergrass, Fontaines DC, Self Esteem and Jack White – and my dad really seemed to enjoy my Saturday night song when High Noel Gallagher’s Flying Birds performed. Don’t look back in anger.

And experiencing the festival virtually, there’s no hassle of scheduling clashes – thanks to iPlayer, I still have Paul McCartney, Billie Eilish, Lorde, Pet Shop Boys, Herbie Hancock, Gabriels, Caribou, Jarv Is, Caroline Polachek and many more looking forward to.

Glastonbury has once again demonstrated why, when it comes to festivals, it’s a realm of its own.

Emma Lee

This year's Love Island contestants

This year’s Love Island contestants
– Credit: ITV plc

Love Island, 9 p.m. ITV2

Summer is here and that can only mean one thing: Love Island is back. A staple of British reality TV, the popular ITV dating show is in its 8th season and, once again, has taken the country by storm.

I’m a bit of a junk TV fiend, and while I usually stick to American shows, the UK version of Love Island is unbeaten.

For anyone unfamiliar with the premise (seriously, where have you been?), Love Island basically throws a group of sexy young bachelors into a villa over the summer, in hopes that they can find love. Over the years, the show has undoubtedly become less about love and more about the contestants being famous once they leave the villa. Either way, that doesn’t make it any less entertaining.

I admit this season got off to a bit of a slow start, but within a week it really picked up speed as the contestants found their bearings and sparks started to fly. Spoiler alert, but in just three weeks we’ve seen one islander voluntarily leave and two couples already jettisoned from the islander. Some newbies were added for good measure – and already brought the drama with them.

My favorite islander so far this season has to be Ekin-Su. She’s feisty, feisty, brings the drama and tells how it is. What’s not to like? And my favorite couple right now is Indiyah and Dami. I really hope they go all the way and win the show – they go so well together and are adorable.

Aside from the contestants, what really makes Love Island to me are two things – the Iain Stirling commentary and voiceovers during each episode, and the memes that come out when everyone’s watching it at the same time on Twitter. Twitter is actually what got me started watching Love Island, and I haven’t looked back.

Love Island usually lasts a few months longer, so who knows what else in store for the islanders. Bring on the drama, it’s a beautiful, numbing watch to savor every night at 9pm.

Danielle Lett

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