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Question: Could you help me clean this wallet? Do I really need all that stuff in there?

Answer: I’d love to take a peek into this portfolio and see what’s most interesting! But I won’t empty your wallet. Here are a few tips. This advice applies to both men and women. So get out those wallets and purses.

First, clear a spot on the table, then empty or take everything out of your wallet/purse. Then sort out the things you need to pack; your driver’s license or identity document; your insurance cards; your money ; your credit cards (which you currently use); your emergency contacts (ideally Health Care Proxy) and your current medication list. Return these items to your wallet/purse after checking that they are current and not expired. Check your medication list. Is it up to date? Are your emergency contact numbers/addresses always accurate?

What’s still on your table? Those little pieces of paper with phone numbers and addresses and names on them? Could you use a small notebook for this information, or list these numbers on a larger piece of paper, which would be easier to follow? Maybe you don’t even remember who these people are and why they are there? Appointment cards, do you have those dates written on a calendar to remind you to go? Your credit card receipts, put them in your records, after comparing them to your credit card bill.

What about those membership cards, you know AAA, Legion, NRA, AARP, library cards, etc. How many do you each have? Do you really need four (4) AARP cards in your wallet? I know they send you so many, but you don’t have to take them all with you. Keep the most up-to-date, put an extra one in your files as a backup, then destroy the rest.

I bet the pile of things on the table is much smaller. The rest may be things you needed in your wallet/purse at one point, but you probably don’t need them all the time. Put it in your files or in the kitchen trash drawer or throw it away. Isn’t it better? Now, when you go to get a card from your wallet, you can do it. We all put things in there and never take them out. We should make it a bi-annual event, don’t you think?

Some additional advice, photocopy the front and back of all your credit cards. That way, if they get lost, you know what credit cards you have and how to contact the companies. Put the photocopies in a safe or in your files.

I once knew someone who kept all their credit cards tied with a rubber band. This drove me crazy?!?! Every time they tried to find the one they wanted to use, they had to pull out the linked pile and sort them. This could cause you to leave one or more on the counter or on the floor around you. I advised this person to get a credit card holder, which would keep it more secure in your purse and when using it at a cash register. Credit card holders are a great way to keep cards organized, safe, and accessible. Now this zippered stand keeps them all together and visible when you unzip it to find the one you want.

I also want to say that a smaller wallet or a lighter purse will be helpful for your back, hips and shoulders. The extra weight and bulk of these items is hard on your body.

So celebrate this easy weight loss method! If only all the weight we needed to lose would dissipate so quickly. … Enjoy the lighter load!

Senior Life Matters is a community program sponsored by Lutheran Jamestown. For questions or concerns or to reach Janell Sluga, GCMC, call 716-720-9797 or email [email protected]

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