Watch the Goose Garage, where Wild Goose Filling offers information on everything from end styles to micrometer stitch inspections


The Wild goose garnish brand is a favorite among craft beer makers. Colorado’s filling, bottling and canning experts design state-of-the-art systems built with patented crimp and fill technology and focus on quality control, ensuring superior taste and freshness in the end product .

The brand, now integrated Middleby Corp., continues to launch a product that turns heads for beer makers. Collectively consider the Wild Goose Fusion System, a lightweight and agile canning machine that combines patent-pending Wild Goose back-pressure filling technologies and Wild Goose fast-pouring innovations with the versatile bandwidth of under-filling. pressure. The Fusion design offers faster fill cycles, less dissolved oxygen (preserving beverage shelf life), safer operation, minimal clean-up time, and lower operating costs. It’s pretty badass.

A Long Longer History: Wild Goose continues to be a leader in the design, manufacture and service of specialized liquid filling systems and high-tech packaging equipment. Very cool too, the brand is also always ready to share its ideas when it comes to technical advice and maintenance on such systems. The The wild goose blog is full of ideas of understanding Cleaning in place systems for your canning or bottling line to great concepts like total oxygen package.

The brand Youtube channel is also packed with great content. My personal favorite lately is the Goose Garage, where Wild Goose Filling and “Sultan of Support” Ben McKibben cover topics and frequently asked questions related to canning and bottling craft drinks. Viewers literally walk into McKibben’s garage, full of dirt bikes, tools and punching bags, to talk about topics like aluminum trim styles and micrometric stitch inspections. The show looks like a gorilla, but the production is great and McKibben’s quirky vibe makes me smile.

By way of example: here are some knowledge on compressed air and canning:

  1. Make sure your air compressor can meet the requirements of your canning or bottling machine.
  2. Remember: your air compressor must also be able to meet the combined demands of any other equipment that you might be using simultaneously in your facility!
  3. Moreover, you also want to install a high quality refrigerated air dryer to work with your air compressor. A refrigerated air dryer keeps your compressed air clean and dry by filtering out debris, oil and moisture before entering your packaging line.

Enjoy a bunch of these cool videos on this page, and Wild Goose Filling and McKibbe keep following them.


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