WATCH: Space Coast resident Ms. Florida Petite Beth York prepares to compete for Ms. Petite USA in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The 2022 Petite USA National Competition will be held August 10-13 in Milwaukee

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – Space Coast resident, local small business owner and recently crowned Ms. Florida Petite, Beth York is gearing up to represent the State of Florida and Brevard County on the national stage when she steps onto stage at the Ms. Petite USA Concours in Milwaukee August 10-13.

Before the big event, Beth invites the community to attend a free, public Network Appreciation Night at Zarrella’s Wood Fired Pizza in Cape Canaveral on August 7 from 2-6 p.m.

The event will feature food, drink, modeling lessons, lots of vendors and raffles, which will go to benefit charity. Proceeds from the event will go to benefit the Brevard Humane Society.

This will also be a chance to meet Beth before she heads north Aug. 10-13 to compete in the Ms. Petite USA pageant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

“I’m so ready. I spent a lot of time planning all my outfits and preparations. With lots of practice and networking, I’m now in the home stretch and it’s just all the excitement from here. It’s going to be a lot of fun,” York said.


Born in upstate New York, Beth takes great pride in the life lessons her childhood has prepared her for as she prepares to compete for Ms. Petite USA.

Growing up in the mountains of upstate New York taught her how to be the woman she is today.

It was these lessons she learned that led her to move to Brevard County in 2011. It was a chance for her to broaden her horizons and take on a host of new challenges. Although it hasn’t always been easy for her, she says her strength and determination to be more made her who she is today.

“I’m from snow country in upstate New York. This life is totally different from surviving in the mountains,” York said. “It’s a little tooth and nail in upstate New York. Compared to Florida, it’s tropical luxury living for me, and I love it here.

For this gorgeous beauty queen, the pageantry life is pretty new to her and she’ll admit that she’s not a seasoned veteran. In fact, Mrs. Florida Petite 2022 was the very first pageant she entered.

Don’t let the pretty nails and the dolled-up lifestyle fool you, Beth isn’t shy about working hard. She recently took it upon herself to get her home inspection license earlier this year, where she works for Satellite Beach-based Tepee Inspections. For this glamorous beauty queen, it’s not uncommon to see her clambering onto rooftops for inspections or clambering through some dirty areas of a home carrying her pink tool bag.

In fact, some of the clients she has met are surprised when she first shows up.

“People say that all the time when they call, so you’re not the one coming, are you?” They say “Oh, you’re a girl.”

“But yeah, even little girls with pretty faces can get in there, get dirty, do the job, get on the roof and have tools. But I love home inspection work and I love working for myself.

She is also the owner of York Inspections LLC.

Besides being a building inspector for Tepee Inspections, Beth is also the owner of a local talent company named “Queen B Talent” which finds working models in dance, circus and acrobats for special events.

Beth, also a certified acrobat, founded the company in 2018 and also uses it as a chance to teach girls how to be safe in the field. Talent Security is also her chosen platform and will represent the Ms. Petite USA pageant when she travels to Milwaukee August 10-13.

Beth York created Queen B Talent in 2018.

“My talent business (Queen B Talent) started out as a different talent hobby that I did and loved. But eventually people got so into it that they started throwing business opportunities at me, so I ended up starting the business.

After starting the business, she focused her attention on a few things that mattered most to her.

“We primarily focus on circus arts and modeling, but we welcome all kinds of talent and do freelance gigs all over the state and I’m also certified to teach classes. We train talents and make them participate in concerts. Circus arts and circus shows are so much fun. It’s a great workout, it’s a good time. It’s also quite artsy and features dancing, so you can really express yourself a lot.

“A big thing that’s really important to me is coaching talent and teaching them how to be safe in the industry because I’ve had to learn by experience over the last 12 or 13 years to figure it out for me. And you sometimes have very dangerous experiences, especially as a young model.

In a recent interview with Space Coast Daily, the 31-year-old Space Coast resident doesn’t let the fame of being Mrs. Florida Petite faze her. She says she doesn’t really consider herself a socialite these days, but enjoys spending time with her cat at home and reading her Bible.

Faith has played a major role in Beth’s life and as she described in her interview, “If you don’t have God in your life, you risk losing everything.”

“God is the biggest part of my life. I don’t think you can really accomplish anything without God on your side. If you do, it will probably hang under a view at some point,” York said.

“I love studying the Bible, going to church, connecting with people who have similar beliefs to me because I think that’s a really important thing.”

Space Coast resident, local small business owner, and recently crowned Ms. Florida Petite, Beth York prepares to represent Florida State and Brevard County on the national stage when she takes the stage at Ms. Petite USA Pageant in Milwaukee Aug. 10-13.

Beth spoke of her love for her church family at Victory Church on Merritt Island. A church founded by Drs Stanley and Melissa Patton in 2016.

In fact, Beth credits Dr. Melissa Patton, wife of Pastor Stanley Patton, for helping guide her through her days on the teaching staff at Eastern Florida State College.

What does Beth do in her limited free time? She enjoys working out at Fitness Club Merritt Island’s beautiful 21,000 square foot facility, cooking, performing arts, traveling across the states, and learning, to name a few.

As Beth prepares to represent the Space Coast and the State of Florida, it’s no secret that Beth loves the community she lives in. Whether it’s her job as a home inspector, small business owner or model, Beth has remained grounded despite the accolades she’s received and believes in making a difference in the community.

Beth York crowned Mrs. Florida Petite.

Small United States Historical reconstitution

The Small United States Pageant was founded in 2009 by Hazely Lopez-Alvarez with a vision to empower and celebrate the petite beauty, 5ft 6in or under. The USA Petite Pageant focuses on celebrating the accomplishments of petite women and provides them with the opportunity to be a voice and spokesperson for petite women across the United States.

Petite USA is the official United States preliminary to the Miss Universal Petite pageant. The winners of the Teen, Miss and Ms. divisions will represent the United States at Universal Petite.

These three ladies will then compete against petite women from around the world for the coveted titles of Teen Universal Petite, Miss Universal Petite and Ms. Universal Petite.

With a vision of service, Petite USA is more than just a contest. The Petite USA family is proud of its fraternity that embraces healthy competition and a heart to serve others through our leadership and outreach.

Each contestant is asked to champion a “personal platform” close to their hearts to encourage leadership, community service and kindness.

Areas of competition include Swimsuit, Evening Dress, Judge Interview, and Stage Question.

“We are looking for poised, graceful and passionate women who understand that their size is no limit to achieving their dreams,” the Pageant said in a published statement.

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