Watch: Smith Hammers Home Message – “We have to do a better job”



The Atlanta Falcons face the Cleveland Browns on Sunday night in the final preseason game of 2021.

Head coach Arthur Smith wasn’t happy with his team’s effort on Friday, and he wasn’t afraid to let them know. The Falcons were preparing for Sunday’s game against the Browns, and the players were expected to line up quickly.

“Every year I’ve been around the NFL, the first day you show cards, show teams, is usually a group,” Smith said after practice Friday. “It wasn’t what I wanted, because I think it’s human nature to let your guard down.”

“We’re not trying to do anything stupid. We’re not going here at full speed, a full speed scrum, but we expect speed, and we expect the guys from the other side reading the cards are professional and line up at the top. ”

“It’s a great experience for everything. For me it’s how you develop guys. It’s not just about sitting there and feeling good and being a highway cone, so we can get 12 for 12 and feel good and then have an unrealistic picture on Sunday. ”

“It’s just the wait, and that’s part of it. I wasn’t very happy, but it picked up at the end. I just let them know. It’s my job to get things done like us. believe it, as we understand it. ”

Sunday is an incredibly important game for many players battling for roster spots, and Smith ran this week’s schedule similar to game week against the Eagles on September 12 to start the regular season. . He was happy to sort out some of the pre-season issues.

“That’s why we set the schedule like we did this week,” Smith said. “Because you’d rather go through it today than in the first week. It doesn’t take anything away, it’s a big game for a lot of guys on Sunday night. It’s not to devalue the game in any way. either., but we’re lucky it’s preseason and that’s part of continuing education. ”

“We have to do a better job. I’m not dejected; it’s not going to ruin my Friday. It’s just about knowing what the expectations are, and these guys have responded, and I expect that. better next time we have Friday practice. ”

For many players, this will be their last practice Friday with the Falcons. Atlanta, like all NFL teams, will have to reduce its roster from 80 players to 53 players on Tuesday, August 31.

Those fighting for places on the roster will have to claim Sunday night against the Browns. Like Smith said after practice on Friday, it’s a big game for a lot of guys.


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