Watch: Seohyun, Na In Woo, And Ki Do Hoon Share Jokes And Backstage Chat On “Jinxed At First”

KBS2’s “Jinxed at First” has revealed another behind-the-scenes look at the drama!

Based on a webtoon titled “The Jinx’s Lover,” “Jinxed at First” is a fantasy romance drama about what happens when a poor, unlucky man stumbles upon a goddess of fortune who leaps into the unknown to undo a curse despite having been hidden by a chaebol family.

The making-of video begins with Seohyun carefully lighting candles on a birthday cake for Yoon Ji Hye, who graciously accepts the birthday song sung by cast members and staff. She remarks after blowing out the candles, “I almost cried,” and Seohyun brings her in for a hug.

In the following clip, Seohyun and Ki Do Hoon explain how peaceful the filming process is without Na In Woo, who is the official jokester on set. When Ki Do Hoon has second thoughts about saying such flippant things about his colleague, Seohyun jokes, “You can open your heart to him, but don’t let him in!” When Na In Woo makes an appearance, he seems to solidify his position as a troublemaker by being unable to keep a straight face during a serious scene.

Later, Lee Seon Jeong compliments Seohyun on her looks, and after trying to sidestep the compliment, she ends up replying, “Do you want something to eat? Should I buy you something? Na In Woo, who watched the entire conversation, immediately chimed in with his own compliment in hopes that Seohyun would buy him something too.

Seohyun appears in a later scene with straight hair and a neat appearance, explaining to the camera that she would look like this if Ki Do Hoon’s character chose her style. Other cast members remark on how different she looks, and Ki Do Hoon agrees, saying, “You have become a city woman.” He also tries to do his own transformation while holding a flashy handbag, which makes Seohyun laugh in surprise.

Na In Woo gets back to work as the set’s prankster as he is seen playing around with Ki Do Hoon’s tie several times before fleeing the scene. Afterwards, he talks with Yoon Ji Hye about his height, surprising her when he says that his height is now what it was in his second year of middle school. Seohyun also has her share of fun on set playing with the stuffed animals and rearranging them to make sure they’re comfortable.

Watch the full making-of video here!

“Jinxed at First” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:50 p.m. KST.

Catch up on the drama below:

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