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HUDSON — Every summer since 1930, a group of elementary school students from Bloomington District 87 and McLean County Unit 5 have been selected by their teachers for the opportunity to spend a week at Camp Limberlost at Timber Pointe. Outdoor Center at Lake Bloomington.

Sixty local children are participating in the 92nd annual Camp Limberlost this week at the Timber Pointe Outdoor Center in Easterseals Central Illinois at Lake Bloomington.

Mateusz Janik

For the past two years, organizers have offered day camp experiences to reduce the spread of COVID-19 — but this summer, organizers are ready to offer campers the experience of an overnight stay with dorm mates. and to develop a sense of belonging to the wider camp community.

“Ultimately what we want to do is we want the kids to have fun and come here and have fun and just relax,” said Camp Limberlost co-chairman Scott Seibring, 59, which is hosted one week a year by the Kiwanis Club of Bloomington. “A lot of them have a home life where they have a lot of responsibilities and things that maybe most kids don’t have.”

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Sixty local children are participating in the 92nd Annual Limberlost Camp at the Timber Pointe Outdoor Center in Easterseals Central Illinois this week. The camp started on Sunday and ends on Friday.

With activities ranging from kayaking and swimming to archery and ziplining, the camp provides campers with ways to experience and learn by interacting with each other. They also become aware of how their personal actions affect them and those around them, said Lydia Gartner, 29, director of Timber Pointe Camp.


Councilor Elliot Allen, 23, had ice water thrown on him after campers voted on which councilor can best improvise a blindfolded scene.

Mateusz Janik

“We just want it to be really exciting and something that kids wouldn’t necessarily get the chance to do outside of camp,” Gartner said. “Even with our arts and crafts, we have a rule that there are no paper plate projects here. We want to send home things that children are proud of and that have meaning and value for them.


Sixty local children are participating in the 92nd annual Camp Limberlost this week at the Timber Pointe Outdoor Center in Easterseals Central Illinois at Lake Bloomington.

Mateusz Janik

Paula Pratt, 61, co-chair of Camp Limberlost, said the camp is funded by various projects throughout the year, including the Bloomington Kiwanis Mother’s Day flower sale and a book fair, as well as individual or corporate donations.

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The Bloomington Kiwanis Club was formed in 1920, chartered in 1921, and has had many community and business leaders as members and officers over the years.

Having been involved with Kiwanis for more than 20 years, Pratt said it was hard to be in the club without knowing more about Camp Limberlost and the impact it had on the kids who later joined the club. club as an adult.


Housemates Cayden Grismore, left, 8, and Elliot Bonner, right, 9, are both attending Camp Limberlost for the first time and enjoying activities including swimming, canoeing and archery.

Mateusz Janik

Members can organize activities, deliver food, carry gym bags and help camp counselors set up campers for the week of activities, all while building positive social interaction between them, Pratt said.


Camp Limberlost campers participate in “stumping”, where campers choose which counselor they want to douse with cold water.

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“Having opportunities to contribute, whether it’s contacting families early in the process or packing bags to help with the canoes,” Pratt said. “We always have the opportunity to get involved in various ways.

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Kamven Collin, 9, said he loves being with new people and is excited to learn more about others this week, while trying out the big swing along the lake, which the camp has added Last year.

Cayden Grismore, 8, and Elliot Bonner, 9, both first timers at Camp Limberlost, said they were already into activities like swimming, canoeing and archery.


Counselors Frankie Alcozer, left, 33, and Miles Fridae, right, 22, participate in an activity called “Critter Talk,” where counselors read compliments submitted by campers on each other or counselors .

Mateusz Janik

Assigned as roommates, Grismore and Bonner have become best friends and are excited to see what else happens this week.

“I love my mom and dad for it and I’m excited to play in the real-life version of the Clue board game that we’re going to do tomorrow,” Bonner said Monday.

“I’m thrilled to share a room with my friends and I also love my mom and dad for letting me come here,” Grismore said.

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