Watch Luke Bryan’s Hilarious Reaction to His Wife’s ‘American Idol’ Joke

Luke and Caroline Bryan often share their pranks on each other online.

Luke Bryan’s wife, Caroline, got the ultimate revenge on her prankster husband.

On this week’s episode of “American Idol,” Luke was surprised when his wife showed up at work dressed as a stagehand. It all started when the “handsman” in a face mask and black sweatshirt arrived on set, causing a ruckus as she wiped down the piano.

“Aggressive on the piano,” comments Luke.

Later, the mystery person disrupts Skylar Dixon’s hearing when she triggers her phone alarm and obnoxiously opens a bag of chips while Skylar sings. That’s when Judge Katy Perry reaches her boiling point, walking up to the rude employee and snatching the bag from his hands.

“Who is it?” asks Luke.

The situation escalates quickly, with Caroline in disguise approaching the table and taking back the bag of chips, infuriating the judges – until Katy removes the hood to reveal it is Caroline.

“Oh my God,” laughed Luke hugging his wife before tossing the bag of crisps to her.

“You were punk! shouts Lionel Richie.

Turns out Katy was also in on the joke all along.

“After everything he’s done to me, he deserves it,” Caroline told the camera backstage with a smile.

The couple have a habit of pranking each other, with Caroline saying it started when she and Luke met in college and continues to this day with their annual pranks, where they prank family and friends throughout the holiday season.

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