Watch: Frenzy at Lulu malls in Kerala as huge crowds throng outlets for midnight sale

In a bid to renew “nightlife shopping”, Lulu International Mall in Kerala announced midnight sales and received an overwhelming response. Now videos and photos of people thronging their outlets in Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram have left everyone online flabbergasted.

As the band tested their ‘midnight shopping’ plans with music events and fun activities, thousands of people were seen queuing for stores to open at midnight. While the initial phase seemed nice with people dancing to live bands, chaos unfolded soon after.

Videos shared by shoppers show a huge stampede near the mall’s escalators and lobby, with security trying to manage the crowds as people do their best to keep their position in line. Armed with shopping carts and bags, people – including small children and the elderly – were seen excitedly picking up things to win at deeply discounted prices.

The mall also shared videos to capture the excitement of people online, showing people nearly crawling into stores to grab their favorite items before the shutters were even fully opened.

Check out the shopping mania scenes at Lulu Malls here:

“Our main goal is to encourage midnight shopping so that the public can enjoy the nightlife with less traffic and buy their daily necessities in a more peaceful environment,” said Joy Sadanandan, regional director of LuLu Group, quoted by Asianet Newsable. Sadanandan stressed that they will introduce it as a trial and see what obstacles and challenges they face to implement a proper plan for their long-term goal. “We will study all these aspects and see how we can implement them in a phased manner in the future,” he added.

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