Watch: ‘Art in the Park’, an inclusive exhibition, launched at the Dubai International Financial Center

Meet Roshan Perera, 48, a hard of hearing artist who is part of the exhibit and involved in a live painting project at Index Mall’s outdoor venue, DIFC. Perera is involved in the creation of a spontaneous painting and will complete it during this week at the end of the event.

Exploring outdoor space, human interaction and art as a means of inclusion, Art in the Park aims to become a regular community event on Dubai’s busy schedule. The event was visualized as a celebration of accessible art, artists, live paintings, student competitions and two featured artist installations, as well as an ongoing outdoor exhibition at the heart of DIFC .

The exhibit features artwork curated by Legacy Art and Pupilar Institute. Highlighting a strong message of inclusion, with a determined artist, Perera will communicate with visitors through a sign language expert. This interpreter from the Pomegranate Institute in Dubai will not only facilitate communication with Perera, but will also help visitors learn simple communication phrases through sign language. The focus will be on four sentences: “We see you; We hear you; We’re here for you; and thank you.’

Supriya Chauhan, cosmetic dentist, author, researcher and avid life commentator, who will be on hand throughout the week, spoke about the importance of sign language at the inauguration. She will create a sculpture of hand gestures for the four sign language phrases and work to create a physical bridge between Perera and visitors.

The event also sees the launch of the Institution Pupilaire inter-school/inter-college competition and throughout the week many events are planned, such as a calligraphy workshop by Sheikh Saifi, as well as lectures by art by renowned Legacy Art artists such as Mariam Ketait (Chikara), Divyata Rajaram and Leona Collins Aqsa Khalifa.

The event will end with an award ceremony for budding artists participating in various competitions.

Commenting on the event, Magai Mouquet, President of Equitativa (manager of the REIT), said: “We are delighted to be able to offer our space to the local arts scene and to facilitate an inclusive experience that celebrates connectivity and community.

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