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Sustainable fashion manufacturer Veshin has launched a range of pineapple leather including products such as pillows, handbags, placemats and wallets.

The line is called Piñatex Performance Collection and is produced in collaboration with the sustainable textile brand Ananas Anam. All products are vegan, durable, as soft as conventional leather, and free of all chemicals on the Cradle2Cradle list of banned substances. They are also manufactured in a closed loop, with the residual biomass from the leaves being used as a natural fertilizer and biofuel.

Plant-based alternatives to leather are widely used to make products such as handbags, but Veshin says he has identified interior design as the next big market for these materials.

Veshin Factory during Fashion Revolution Week 2020 © Veshin

“The fashion and decoration industries must change”

Veshin was founded in June, as an antidote to unsustainability and the mistreatment of notorious workers in the fast fashion industry. The manufacturer uses materials such as hemp, organic cotton, Tencel, reclaimed nylon, recycled polyester, and cork to make fashion and ethical household items.

“Ultimately, the fashion and home design industries have to change. This new innovation is a great example of how these industries can effect change without compromising quality, ”said Joey Pringle, Founder of Veshin Factory. “The pineapple pillows are here to stay! I can’t wait to see these products make waves across the world alongside Pineapple Asam – we are proud to support them.