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Welcome to Toy Aisle, Gizmodo’s regular roundup of all the latest commodity opportunities to crush the wallets. This week, Hasbro is accelerating another crowdfunding project for a GI Joe classic, Hot Toys poses the question of what if, and NECA’s latest monster line has a turtle twist. Check it out!

Hasbro HasLab GI Joe Sky Attacker

The GI Joe the 80s toy line is best known for the enormous USS Flagg aircraft carrier playset that seemed as big as a dining table. But an aircraft carrier is nothing without an aircraft, and the GI Joe Skystriker played an equally important role in childhood fantasy warfare. Will Hasbro ever resurrect the USS Flagg? Stranger things have happened, but thanks to its crowdfunding platform HasLab, the toy maker is now bringing the Skystriker fighter back with a new model for $ 230 ($ 306) with more details, stickers and more. ‘accessories than the original.

The toy will even include two classic GI Joe O-ring figures – Ace and Wayne Ruthel – but HasLab is looking for 10,000 backers before early December to put it into production, and right now the campaign is at just over 4,500. Come on, guys, we can’t let Cobra get up anymore.

Hot Toys Marvel’s What if…? Sixth Scale Infinity Ultron Diecast Figure

Hot Toys’ quest to spin what ifanimated heroes (and villains) in hyper-realistic minifigures continues with a very Brilliant take on season one of the big villain, the Infinity-Stone wielding the ultimate evolution of Ultron who decides it’s a lot more fun to conquer a multiverse than a single reality. Dubbed Infinity Ultron, the massive 15-inch figure comes with its spear and a few alternate hands and… well, that’s about it, actually. Infinity Ultron makes up for this with a bunch of extra features built into the figure itself: some parts of the armor use die-cast metal elements to additional shiny, its fabric cape can be laid through a built-in thread, and the LED functions illuminate the helmet parts and the six Infinity Stones inserted into the breastplate and helmet as well. If that wasn’t enough, the helmet opens to reveal the spooky face in the vision below. You will have to wait, most likely, a what if Season two or three has been released before you can get a chance to buy it: Infinity Ultron is set to release in late 2022-2023. [Hot Toys]

Hasbro Nerf LMTD Halo Needle

After the giant and very detailed reconstruction of the Halo Infinite MA40 assault rifle from almost two years ago, Nerf is finally adding an early version of the Needler to its Halo collection. Its 10-shot barrel that shoots Nerf Elite darts is complemented by flexible needles and other accents that light up when the grip is gripped – powered by six AA batteries hidden inside. A display stand is also included, as well as a display mode that activates all of the blaster’s lighting functions without having to hold it. At $ 100 ($ 133), it’s twice the price of the Nerf Halo Infinite MA40 assault rifle and is available for pre-order on Hasbro Pulse with delivery slated for January of next year.

Hasbro GI Joe Retro Collection Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow O-Ring Figures

I have a nostalgic penchant for GI Joe but prefer the original 3.75 inch action figures from your youth? If you don’t want to shell out big bucks for the Skystriker redux, Hasbro has also released a classic o-ring two-pack via Hasbro Pulse that includes the deadly enemies Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, with all of their original and authentic accessories. card back packaging. The only thing that has changed is the price: the duo will set you back US $ 40 ($ 53) if you decide to pre-order the set today, with delivery slated for early 2022.

NECA Universal Monsters x Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Through their website and official Instagram account, NECA has teased a new line of crossover action figures featuring mashups of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and classic movie monsters from Universal. We’re not sure what the full 7-inch figure lineup will include (with Halloween in a few days and ending the spooky season, NECA better hurry), but the first two reveals are Raphael as Frankenstein’s monster. and Leonardo as Ygor the Hunchback. The details are absolutely amazing for a 7 inch fig, including authentic costumes and each turtle’s weapons tailored to their monstrous alter egos. Pricing is not known, but the numbers are expected to ship in January of next year.

NECA Gargoyles Hudson figurine

NECA continues to tease its new line of action figures based on the Disney cartoon Gargoyles ’90s series via the company’s Instagram account, with wise old Hudson being the latest revelation. There’s not a lot of info on what accessories he’ll include other than the sword on his belt, but the level of detail in this line (where can we get a leather breastplate like this?) continues to impress.

Image: NECA Image: NECA

NECA Devilish death Ash Williams Ultimate Figure

To help celebrate the 40th anniversary of the original The Evil Dead debuting in theaters, NECA has a new Ash Williams figure on the way, but delivery isn’t expected until early next year. It is reminiscent of how young Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell were when they started the evil Dead franchise, and while it’s too early to know pricing details, NECA’s Instagram account appears to have revealed most of Ash’s props, including an ax, trusty chainsaw, and rifle – aka his boomstick.

Image: Lego Image: Lego

Lego Art Project – Building together

The latest addition to the Lego Art line, where colorful 1 × 1 nails can be assembled into a larger mosaic to create pop culture masterpieces worthy of being placed on a wall, is the new Create set. Together. It comes with 4,138 parts and nine instruction manuals allowing a group of people to create smaller individual parts that can be combined into a larger thematic group later. Themes include food, patterns, icons, and interests, and the $ 120 ($ 160) set is available to pre-order now, with delivery slated for early December.


If you have kids at home and a giant arrangement of Brio wooden trains and tracks gobbling up floor space somewhere, you can now upgrade your railroad with cars based on the transport systems in common to places like New York, Chicago and New Jersey. Individual Munipals cars will set you back US $ 17 ($ 23) each, which is more expensive than most of Brio’s offerings, but features authentic paint and deco that reflects the trains used to transport commuters to major cities in the region. country – minus the graffiti, vomit, and other mysterious stains that are best left a mystery.

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