This ultra-thin wallet is a more comfortable alternative to bulky leather, and it’s on sale

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TL; DR: From July 6, you can get Ultra Slim PulseX1 Wallet(opens in a new tab) for only $35.99 instead of $42 — that’s about a 15% discount.

If you’re carrying around a wallet the size of a large hamburger, you may be doing yourself more harm than good. Turns out your big, beefy wallet might actually be hurting your back and giving you a very real spinal problem called Wallet Sciatica. That old stack of unused loyalty cards isn’t worth the health of your spine, so you can replace your aging wallet(opens in a new tab) with a compact, minimalist replacement in the form of the PulseX1. This super slim wallet normally costs $42, but for a limited time only costs $35.99.

Stop carrying a brick in your back pocket. If your pelvis never gets straight because half of your body is functionally leaning on a phone book, there may be lasting effects. As an alternative, the PulseX1 is compact enough to fit in most hip pockets, but it can still hold a whole stack of cards and it has a sleek, modern look.

The design is simple and the look is clean. Between two pieces of machined metal runs an elastic strap that keeps your cards securely in place. Carry up to 15 cards in this RFID protected wallet that certainly shouldn’t bend or deform as easily as its metal cousins. To access your cards and cash, simply slip your thumbs into the machined divots and pull. Because space is limited, you might have to be selective about what you keep, but it also means you might end up spending less time looking for the right card at checkout.

Don’t let your giant wallet ruin your spine. Get a wallet that actually fits somewhere other than your back pocket. The ultra thin PulseX1 wallet(opens in a new tab) is normally $42 but for a limited time it is on sale for $35.99.

Prices subject to change.

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