The wallet that made me give up my crest

Note: I used to be against smart technology, but now I’m obsessed with how it streamlines my life. When I was looking for a smart wallet upgrade, I first opted for Ridge, but then tried Ekster. Here is my opinion on the two brands.

I used to make fun of my friends who focused their whole lives on smart tech until I started doing the same. Alexa was my gateway, so now my life is smart.

To protect my money and essentials, I wanted a smart wallet and it turns out there are tons of them on the market. Secrid, Forrest & Harold and Bellroy were options I considered until I settled on Ridge. It’s a great wallet, but I ended up trying the Ekster too, to make sure I got the best of the best. So I have strong opinions about the best wallet.

Here is my experience with both wallets:

So: Life with Ridge

I kept getting Ridge ads and really liked the minimalist design and the cool colors and patterns. There are options for titanium, aluminum, carbon fiber, or even 18k gold plating.

Ridge wallets are constructed with two metal plates held together by elastic bands with a money strap or money clip attached to the outside.

Weighing only 2 ouncesThe Ridge comfortably holds about 12 cards with accessories like a money strap, money clip or both.

Ridge offers RFID protection so no one can scan your information. The wallet’s metal plates actively block wireless theft attempts, perfectly protecting the data stored on your cards. It was a feature that I absolutely wanted.

The Ridge costs around $85 for the aluminum and up to $225 for the 18k gold-plated wallet.

Frankly? I loved the crest. But I have a confession: I lost it. I think I left it in my favorite burrito, but when I came back no one had seen it. I had to go through the panic of replacing my credit cards, insurance cards and getting a new driver’s license…. What a nightmare.

Now: Life with Ekster

I was all set to splurge on another Ridge wallet, but thought I’d give it a try Ekster; Ekster also has RFID protection and a slim design, but it’s traceable.

Ekster offers a stylish aluminum card holder made from space-grade 6061-T6 aluminum in tons of colors and patterns as well as eco-certified premium leather options.

From an incredible 0.15 inch, Ekster is the thinnest smart wallet on the market. It can hold up to 7 cards and there is a strap for money.

It’s trackable with solar-powered tracking cards that let you call your wallet or phone when you’ve misplaced or lost it! When I first received the wallet, I tried it out and was impressed with how quickly and accurately I located my wallet.

I opted for the aluminum card holder in a cool pacific blue, but I also get a leather card holder for classy occasions.

Ekster product prices range from $34 to $76 before the tracking card additions.

I love the Ekster as much as the Ridge, but with the tracking card, I never have to worry about losing my stuff again.


Both Ekster and the Ridge are serious upgrades from ratty, ragged bi-plys. But at the end of the day, Ekster has a much better design, technology and price. If you’re looking to get smart, the Ekster Wallet is the perfect place to start.

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