The Somerset fashion store whose handbags belong to royalty



The world’s best handbags are made right here at our doorstep in Somerset.

Mulberry is the handbag that all women want.

They can be expensive but this correspondent can guarantee that they last forever.

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The beautiful leather, handcrafted right here in the Shepton Mallet factory, is so durable it can’t be worn out.

Other big brands have beautiful designer handbags, but nothing like a Mulberry.

The classic Bayswater handbag is so iconic and so British as the one worn by Kate Moss recently shown at the V&A Museum in London.

The classic Mulberry Bayswater handbag worn by model Kate Moss was shown at an exhibition at the V&A in London (Pic: V & A / PA Wire)

It is as British as the Mini car or the Beatles.

The beautiful soft leather, the beautiful colors and not only are they beautiful, they are really practical.

Large handbags like the classic Bayswater contain absolutely everything, even your laptop.

They are great working handbags, durable so you don’t have to treat them too delicately and you can use them every day and they will never wear out.

Mulberry’s handbags – the Bayswater, the Alexa, the Amberley, the Iris – have become contemporary classics and iconic examples of British design.

Mulberry’s story is fascinating and it all started right here in Somerset.

Mulberry was founded in 1971 in Somerset by Roger Saul.

Named after the trees he passed each day on his way to school, Saul began producing buckled leather belts with the support of £ 500 from his mother.

It was a kitchen table business that snowballed into bags and ultimately, women’s clothing.

Today, it is the largest manufacturer of luxury leather goods in the UK.

At its two factories in Somerset, there is a second factory near Bridgwater, a team of 600 local artisans are responsible for 50% of the brand’s manufacturing.

Originally a family business, Mulberry is today a global brand with 122 stores worldwide and a digital flagship product,

It’s a huge team and the company offers apprenticeships for people looking to get into the leather fashion industry.

It is such a brilliant story for Somerset, Saul loves the local countryside where his iconic business started, he is passionate about agriculture and produce and is passionate about gardening.

It comes as no shock that he named this great leather company after the mulberry tree and it has become one of the most iconic fashion symbols in the world.

Each of her beautiful handbags is adorned with the now famous mulberry symbol that makes the bags so precious to their owners.

They are so much more than just a handbag, they are a statement.

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When the main areas of Kilver Court, next to the Mulberry store in Shepton Mallet, recently closed, Mulberry could leave Somerset as well, but luckily it looks like it stays there, this is where this great global company has its roots.

A Mulberry spokesperson said: “Our store in Kilver Court remains open, like our two factories in Somerset, it really is the heart of the brand.”

The Mulberry website says, “Mulberry’s heritage – and therefore our identity – is uniquely British.

“The initial inspiration was taken from styles synonymous with English rural activities – hunting, shooting, fishing – and Mulberry’s immediately identifiable and utterly individualistic style was dubbed” The English Style “in 1975.

“Between city and countryside, between the serenity of Somerset and the rhythm of London, Mulberry combines authentic and centuries-old craftsmanship with an innovative fashion character.”

Shepton Mallet’s boutique has factory sales frequently when you can hopefully pick up one of these awesome handbags at a discounted rate.

You will have it forever.


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