The Secrets Chris From Ruth Never Wanted You To Know

“Ruth’s Chris Steak House” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. Over the years, the awkward combination of names has proven difficult to remember and pronounce correctly, leaving many diners frustrated, but they’re not the only ones resenting the awkward name. It turns out that founder Ruth Fertel herself hated the name as much as anyone else, and that was the case from the moment he was cast (via CNN Money).

So why has been “Ruth’s Chris” selected if even Ruth couldn’t stand the awkward combination of names? The reason involves legal technicalities and also answers the implicit question of who Chris is. In 1965, Ruth bought Chris Steak House from failed original owner Chris Matulich, who had actually already sold the business six times, but achieved something remarkable that neither Chris nor his series of previous owners ever did. pu: financial success.

When it came time to expand to a second location to support all the business that was pouring in, Chris objected to the repeated use of his name and, to resolve legal complications, Ruth changed the official name by adding his in the foreground. Had she known the company would eventually go national, she might have sought a more elegant solution to the problem; instead, we now have a nation of confused beef lovers who continue to eat, whether or not they can correctly name their favorite steak house.

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