The purses, totes and purses to get in July

As we enter the second half of 2022, Prestige is back with our regular New Bags column, bringing you the best options for shopping in July.

From trendy clutches to eye-catching handbags, #NewBags is our roundup of the best designs to add to your collection. Scroll down to see our picks of what you should buy in July.

Valentino Garavani Small Roman Stud Bag

For a burst of individuality in a compact size.

Image: Valentino

A perfect showcase of authenticity and character, the new Valentino Garavani small Roman stud bag is a reimagining of the brand’s iconic model. In a smaller, more sophisticated version, the design features 17 studs, offering precious details and magnetic colors that can follow you from day to night. A wide range of color combinations are available, which wearers can easily compare using a virtual Snapchat filter, specially designed to help you find your perfect style. To go even further, Valentino has also launched an innovative game via its Valentino app. Well titled Roman Stud Maniausers are invited to play with their own hands and interact with the accessory, thanks to a combination of physical interaction and augmented reality.

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Issey Miyake’s Liner backpack

For the active city dweller.

Image: Issey Miyake

Designed for the urban adventurer who is always undeniably sophisticated, Issey Miyake’s Liner backpack is part of his Kuro series, named after the Japanese word for black, as well as the first Japanese character for the term “expert”. The bag is made entirely from a reflective material, which is featured in both the base fabric and the triangular pieces, which makes it completely glow in the dark when light is shone on it. The Liner comes in a sleek Gunmetal hue, while the resulting reflective glow allows two different looks to be enjoyed depending on where they are.

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Mini Jodie by Bottega Veneta

For a cute and quirky bag.

Image: Bottega Veneta

Cute, compact and a great conversation starter, the Bottega Veneta Mini Jodi is part of the brand’s Wardrobe 04 collection, which celebrates Bottega Veneta’s many icons by paying homage to expert craftsmanship and techniques. exclusive. A relaxed, minimalist silhouette is punctuated by an endearing studded mini intrecciato, finally topped with a bright green for a fresh and fun look.

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Dior D-Constellation Tote Bag

For the passionate astrology enthusiast.

Image: Dior

Dior’s iconic Book Tote was recently unveiled in a new variation, featuring the dreamy and almost mystical D-Constellation. The result of a captivating collaboration between Maria Grazia Chiuri and Rome-based Pietro Ruffo, the pictorial motif is inspired by astrology, transforming astrological signs into a series of beautiful illustrations. These are flanked by colorful flowers on a black or white background, made through twenty-eight screen-printed frames.

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Prada Double Symbol Bag

For chic, practical and so versatile.

Picture: Prada

The new Prada Symbol motif dominates the FW22 show on all imaginable accessories: tote, hobo, Galleria and micro bag. Still, none give the same impact as the new double bag. The twin bag features two removable triangular bags connected by convertible leather straps and a metal chain. Chic, practical and versatile you want to have three bags in all!

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