The match – DeChambeau Vs Koepka: what is it and how to watch it


ryson of Chambeau and Brooks koepka face off in the fifth edition of The Match, a face-to-face meeting between Americans who have made no secret of their dislike for each other.

A confrontation started by Tiger woods and Phil mickelson Three years ago in its last version, with DeChambeau and Koepka the first edition of The Match since that inaugural event in 2018 which will take place with only two players.

Here’s everything you need to know about the history of The Match, why DeChambeau and Koepka are the latest entrants, and when and where the two face off.

What is the match?

The Match is a series of head-to-head matches that have taken place over the past three years in a match-play format, involving big names not only in golf, but also in the world of American football and basketball.

The first edition took place in November 2018, between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. It wasn’t necessarily destined to be the first in a series of such events, but rather a showdown between two longtime rivals.

Mickelson finally got the better of Woods, winning on the 22nd hole as darkness fell in Las Vegas.

In doing so, he took the $ 9 million purse for the event.

The couple were involved in the sequel to The Match in 2020 and raised more than $ 20 million for COVID-19 charities through the event.

Woods was in partnership with Peyton Manning, and the two beat Mickelson and his partner Tom Brady.

There have been two other editions of The Match. Mickelson and former basketball player Charles Barkley beat the duo of Steph Curry, the basketball star and also scratch golfer, and Manning.

Then, in July of this year, Bryson DeChambeau and quarterback Aaron Rodgers proved too good for Mickelson and Brady.

Who’s in The Match this time around?

Bryson DeChambeau and Brooks Koepka will face off in a duel in the fifth edition of The Match.

It will take place over 12 holes at the Wynn Golf Club in Las Vegas.

Mickelson will not perform for the first time, but will participate as a television analyst during the event.

However, they put their differences aside and even hugged at the celebratory press conference after the Americans claimed victory.

When asked why The Match was only 12 holes this time, Koepka said, “Playing 12 holes is good, I mean better than playing 18 holes with Bryson.

Everything to spend less time for him, I’m happy to do it. There is nothing I would love more than to come back after seven holes.

When is The Match and how can I watch it?

It takes place tomorrow, Friday, November 26, and starts at 9:00 p.m. GMT.

DeChambeau vs Koepka is a pay-per-view event in the United States and is broadcast live on TNT.

There is no confirmed UK broadcaster for The Match yet.

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