The man proposes to his girlfriend during the flight with the help of the crew members. Watch | Tendency

The man proposed to his girlfriend while on a flight with the help of crew members.

Some people go out of their way to surprise their loved ones when they propose so they will remember it for the rest of their lives. Videos of people surprising their partner with a proposal are always fun to watch. Like this video posted on Instagram in which a man proposes to his girlfriend at 30,000 feet during a flight and it’s adorable to watch.

The man told his girlfriend that he would meet her when she arrived at Bangalore airport. The woman was informed that her purse was being checked for narcotics by the flight crew members, all of whom were surprised. The woman looked nervous and her hands were shaking in the video. Then she was told to look to her left where her partner was standing with flowers in her hands. The man surprised his girlfriend with flowers and an engagement ring with the cooperation of Go-First flight crew members.

“Algorithm designed to surprise her: Step 1: Tell her she will be waiting for you at Bangalore airport upon arrival, but book your flight with a layover in Mumbai. friendship with the cabin crew and make them part of your team Step 3: Explain the plot to the cabin crew, scare them by telling them that narcotics have been scanned in their purse Step 4: Surprise them there with flowers and the engagement ring. Bonus: the cabin crew made an announcement on the microphone to congratulate us. I can’t thank Go-First enough for their cooperation, “he wrote in the caption of the video detailing his plan.

Watch the video below:

Since it was uploaded on June 16, the video has received over three million views, making it viral. The video also received over 84,000 likes and several comments.

“How lucky she is…God bless you both,” one Instagram user commented. “My anxiety would have killed me if something like this had happened to me,” wrote another. “This is by far the best and only proposal ever!! What more could a girl ask for than that!! She is truly lucky! Heartfelt congratulations,” one shared. other person.

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