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The viral video of the wife waiting for the cactus flower to bloom, which the husband recorded, was posted on Instagram.

Instagram is full of content creators teaching others different things. Among them is this Instagram user who teaches her followers about plants and also shares interesting clips. And now one of his clips waiting for a cactus flower to bloom is going viral online.

Instagram user Noriko posted the video. “Behind the scenes of the Cactus bloom Timelapse video. Secretly videotaped by my husband,” she wrote and shared the clip. The short video shows her sitting in front of the plant and looking at it.

Take a look at the video:

The video was posted on June 24. Since sharing, the clip has racked up over 7.9 million views and the numbers are only growing. The video also prompted people to share various comments.

“I do the same when my plants are flowering or even when a new leaf is ready to come out. Glad to know I’m not alone,” one Instagram user wrote. “When they bloomed this year, I literally stopped what I was doing and walked around my neighborhood taking pictures. Of course, I love living in the desert even when it’s 120°C” , posted another. “I thought that bag of mulch was a big pillow, for you to sleep next to your cactus,” joked a third.

Here is the video she shared showing a cactus flower blooming:

“She’s gorgeous…what a great reward,” one person commented on the video. “Wow that’s a beautiful flower,” posted another. “Did it have a smell?” asked a third. To this, the original poster replied, “Lightly but not strong.”

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