The best winter sandals and how to wear them correctly


Sandals, slides and other open-toed shoes have grown in popularity since the start of the pandemic, and many of us have grown accustomed to staying at home for long periods of time. Comfort has been paramount over the past two years, which has led a line of brands to focus on sandals.

Kanye West and adidas’ Operation YEEZY ditched both slides and the Foam Runner (which I would say when I die is a sandal), while dedicated brands such as Birkenstock and Suicoke have benefited from being a leader in the space before the pandemic. Traditionally, sandals have always been a summer footwear choice in warm weather, but there is nothing against wearing sandals in winter.

In fact, there are plenty of brands that make winter sandals, with sheepskin, faux fur, and other details that help (and almost recommend) to wear sandals in winter.

Some can be designed for the outdoors and fitted with weather resistant details, while other sandals from our selection may fall more into the home sandal category and are perfect for lounging indoors when the weather is nice. cold outside. It still matters, however. And just because a sandal is very summery doesn’t mean it can’t be appropriate for winter. The key to wearing winter sandals (more details below) is to have a solid rotation of warm, comfortable socks that you can pair with sandals that might not protect you from the elements as much as you would like. So if you don’t have enough socks or think your wardrobe could use a few more options, check out our selection of socks and sandals here.

If you are ready on the socks, you are ready to head to our selection of winter sandals. Whether you’re looking for something comfy and warm to wear at the corner store, or want something a little more chic that you can wear at Paris Fashion Week Fall / Winter, browse the best winter sandals here. below.

The best winter sandals to buy right now


This mid-sandal, mid-trail-running shoe was designed for the great outdoors by one of the most functional shoe brands, HOKA ONE ONE. The studded outsole and sneaker-style midsole means comfort, grip and traction, won’t be a problem for you when it’s a little icy on the streets. More of a problem is the fact that the upper is incredibly breathable (which comes in handy in the summer), but this can be easily solved with the right socks. Trust us, this is a sandal that is (perhaps inadvertently) designed for winter.

Birkenstock Boston

When it comes to classic winter sandals, the Birkenstock Boston is a must-have. Not only is most of your foot covered and therefore protected from the rain, so you can skip wearing socks if you want to, but the materials on the upper ensure that your feet will stay warmer than in most. other sandals on the market. .

visvim Christo Folk

Christo folk sandals

Designer Sale – Up to 50% Off

Designer Sale – Up to 50% Off

Buy from ssense

If you’re going to be wearing sandals in the winter, why not go all out and buy some of the more expensive slides on the market? People are going to look at you funny anyway, you might as well give them something cool to watch. Obviously, you’ll want to pair the visvim Christo with a pair of chunky winter socks. Frostbite and visvim are not cute.

Balenciaga Track sandal

Neoprene and rubber trail sandals

This pair is about as winter-ready as any pair of sandals on this list. Similar to the HOKA ONE ONE Hopara above, the Balenciaga Track Sandal is essentially a sneaker with added ventilation. If there ever was a winter sandal to wear without socks, this is it. The intricate upper will keep you relatively warm, just make sure you don’t stay in one spot for too long – or be out for too long without socks, for that matter.

Teddy slides Bottega Veneta

Slides Resort Teddy

Designer Sale – Up to 50% Off

Designer Sale – Up to 50% Off

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This is the sandal you whip when arguing about how many lint is too fluffy. Honestly, we can’t even imagine wearing them in the summer because they look like sweaty feet waiting to happen. That’s why you wear these sandals in winter.

The Row nubuck sandals

Nubuck sandals

The Row’s entry on this list is a much more classic and reserved approach to sandal design. While these won’t necessarily keep you warm and require a lot of help from your socks, they are too good looking not to be put on this list. This is the winter sandal that you take to Paris Fashion Week Fall-Winter.

Reebok Beatnik “Mattress”

Beatnik sandals

Designer Sale – Up to 50% Off

Designer Sale – Up to 50% Off

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Reebok’s Beatnik relaunch was very well received, especially among those of us who like to wear sandals in the winter. This quilted version is literally made for the elements. You can wear this bad boy with or without socks, it’s up to you.

Suicoke NOTS M2AB

NOTS-M2ab sandals

Designer Sale – Up to 50% Off

Designer Sale – Up to 50% Off

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Japan’s SUICOKE is a more profitable version of visvim (and it’s not meant to be a blow to either brand). If you’re not in the mood to throw in $ 1,000 for a pair of slides, SUICOKE’s selection of sheepskin, faux fur and comfy sandals is for you. Honestly, we could have filled this whole list with SUICOKE sandals.

Crocs Classic All Terrain Clogs

Classic all-terrain clogs

Okay, these Crocs definitely have to be worn with socks to turn into winter sandals, but the all-terrain name suggests this clog is a bit more rugged than the regular type. The traction on these is meant to be an improvement over the classic clog, so when paired with chunky socks, you’ll be ready for winter.

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