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For those who don’t fully appreciate the flat edges of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series, the iPhone 11 remains the prettiest Apple smartphone to date. Combined with a wide range of color options, its curves made a strong impression when they first appeared in 2019, while the phone itself was as usable and useful as anything Apple had released until then. Of course, while the use of Gorilla Glass for its display and back made it more durable than previous models, it wasn’t – and still isn’t – immune to damage. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of the best iPhone 11 cases and wallet cases that you can buy right now.

These range from the most affordable to the most elaborate and luxurious, with everything in between for good measure. Whatever your particular taste, you should be able to find something you like here.

Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 2 cases

This Smartish iPhone 11 wallet case is a discreet alternative to the type of case that opens and adds bulk to your device. It’s a standard phone case, but it adds a handy slot on the back, which is roomy enough to accommodate three cards and several banknotes. Not only is it super convenient, but it keeps the case noticeably light and thin, making it perfect for people who always want to walk around with their phone in their pockets. Likewise, the case still offers sufficient protection for the iPhone 11, with the synthetic leather protecting it from drops and bumps. It also features a nicely textured surface, so the chances of accidental drops are reduced to a manageable minimum.

Lupinny Yellow Leather Wallet Case

LupinnyLeather wallet case for iPhone 11.

Here is a very stylish wallet case for iPhone 11 that looks great, fits a lot of cards and offers a very good level of protection. What’s unique is that it actually consists of a removable snap-on case and a separate wallet with a magnetic clasp that can be attached to it. In other words, it’s adaptable to your needs, while the addition of an extra wallet cover makes it doubly protective. It includes four slots for cards, as well as an interior pocket for cash, so it doubles as a wallet (unlike some examples which are just a bit too minimal). While it offers significant protection, it remains fully compatible with wireless charging, while it can also be used to stand your iPhone 11 upright, allowing for hands-free viewing and conversation. Great blanket all around.

Greenwich Blake Leather Folio

Greenwich Blake leather folio case for iPhone 11.

For those who might be a little fed up with seeing synthetic “leather” wallet cases, here’s the real deal from Greenwich. Made from genuine leather, this cover can be a bit pricey, but it’s as good as it gets. This is a folio case that covers the front and bank of the iPhone 11, opening to reveal an interior pocket that can hold bank and / or ID cards. Impressively, the case has been drop tested to a military standard, so it will keep your iPhone in near pristine condition even after more than its fair share of drops. This is helped by the fact that it combines its authentic leather outer layer with a shell that has benefited from an electroplated finish. Moreover, as the image above reveals, the case is also impeccably stylish and sophisticated, providing the perfect complement to the iPhone 11.

Spigen Slim Armor CS Case

Spigen Slim Armor CS case for iPhone 11.

Here is a wallet case with a difference from Spigen. This is a standard phone case, but it includes a sliding exterior slot that can hold two cards, making it perfect for anyone who doesn’t need a bigger wallet. On top of that, it’s worth pointing out that it’s very effective as a case on its own, with a dual-layer TPU and PC construction that meticulously protects your phone from damage. It also incorporates air cushion technology, helping to protect the iPhone 11 from severe drops. Needless to say, it’s considerably thinner than the average wallet case, which makes it perfect for anyone who wants to avoid excess weight.

Olixar leather wallet case

Olixar leather-style iPhone 11 wallet case.

Here’s a great cover from Olixar that provides a healthy medium between the bulkier and more minimal wallet cases. It wraps around the front of the iPhone 11 while protecting its back and spine, with the case closing with a magnetic clasp. Two card slots are provided in the interior lining of the case, allowing you to carry a bank card and ID. Helpfully, the case includes a built-in stand that lets you watch media hands-free or talk to friends without straining your wrists. As a bonus, the case is fully compatible with wireless charging and comes with all the necessary cutouts and buttons. Also provides good protection for the phone, thanks to inner and outer layers.

Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case

Mujjo Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 11

Few manufacturers can match Mujjo when it comes to sleek design, with this iPhone 11 wallet case tapping into satin leather to give it a nicely plush look. It’s lined with Japanese microfiber which turns out to be strong despite its thinness, while the leather padding further strengthens the cover, making it resistant to drops and impacts. Unlike other wallet cases, it does not cover the front of the phone, but instead includes a slot on the back, which can hold two or three cards. Another cool touch is that the leather lining rises above the edge of the iPhone screen, giving it extra protection.

Belemay Wallet Case

Belemay wallet case for iPhone 11.

Here is a very classic looking wallet case that even goes so far as to use genuine cowhide leather. It combines an inner layer of TPU with said leather, creating two layers that will protect the iPhone 11 from the vast majority of crashes that could happen. As a wallet case, it naturally offers interior slots where you can store various cards, while also including a side pocket for money. It also keeps things noticeably thin and light, so it’s a traditional wallet case that you can always keep in your pocket. Other features include precise cutouts, support for wireless charging, and even a cutout on the back that lets you keep showing your Apple logo.

Survivor Clear Wallet Case

Survivor Clear Wallet Case for iPhone 11.

Here’s another unconventional take on the proven wallet format. This is a translucent wallet case that looks attractively and differently modern, yet still offers the all-important front cover with three card slots inside. As such, you will be able to combine the best of both worlds, with an enviable on-trend look while keeping your credit and ID cards safe. Impressively, the cover has been drop tested to MIL-STD-810G standards, which means it can cope with a variety of stressors, from drops to vibrations and impacts. Thanks to its TPU material, it is also scratch resistant, which will keep its (mostly) transparent surface in good condition for the duration of your time with it. Easy to put on and take off, while also supporting wireless charging.

Snakehive vintage leather wallet


Here’s a nice high-end wallet case from Snakehive that doesn’t require you to empty your old wallet to buy it. Made of European cowhide nubuck leather, it offers considerable strength while being decidedly elegant. Indeed, Snakehive claims to offer “twice the protection” of an average plastic case, and that’s probably true, if only because it combines an inner and outer layer, while covering the front and back. the back of the iPhone. As a wallet case, it offers three slots for cards and a liner for cash, but it still manages to stay slim despite this generosity. Comes with a magnetic clasp that closes it securely and can also be used as a viewing stand.

SaharaCase folio cover

SaharaCase folio case for iPhone 11.

Here is an iPhone 11 case that stays very true to the idea of ​​what a wallet should be. That is, it offers noticeably spacious slots for cards and cash, so you can fit more in it than with some other wallet cases. As with most other good wallet cases, it combines a harder inner shell with its leather lining, providing significant protection for the phone. Its surface has also been designed to increase grip and prevent slipping, reducing the risk of accidents in the first place. It can also be used as a stand, in case you want to watch TV and movies on your iPhone.

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