Target shoppers love Esme A New Day sandals

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The secret is in its sockliner, which is padded with memory foam to adapt to your foot for optimal comfort. Their elastic instep and ankle straps also contribute to their secure fit by ensuring that your feet and ankles are supported and perfectly aligned. In addition to offering flexibility, the elastic straps also give the sandals their slip-on style, which reviews have made them easy to put on and take off. The A New Day Esme Sandals are available in sizes 5 to 12 and are available in two versatile and summer-friendly colors: black and yellow.

According to customers, the shoes accommodate a variety of foot and ankle widths and provide such support that they are comfortable walking sandals. Some even said that they were comparable to designer sandals for sportswear. “I went to New York for a long weekend and packed them with a pair of sneakers,” explained one reviewer. “After a day my feet couldn’t take the sneakers anymore, so I switched to these sandals and wished I had worn them right from the start. They are so comfortable, no break-in time is required.”

Another travel enthusiast said they provided extended comfort during their long flight and praised their versatility. “I wore them all day (the first time) early [morning] flight (3h30) to Hawaii with a stopover in Dallas, for a total of 30 hours without any discomfort, “they wrote.” Great shoe, size right! The memory foam allows to adapt to the foot … Perfect for casual casuals and even more dressier [wear]. I wore mine with a black romper bought by Target. Many compliments. “

In fact, they even got a seal of approval from pregnant buyers. “A pregnant mom’s dream,” said a Target reviewer. “I have 7.5 [months pregnant] and these fit perfectly. They are stretchy so they work great when my feet are swelling. They are also very comfortable. Plus, I have slightly wide feet, and they stretch to fit any width. ”

As for those with narrow feet, one client testified: “I have very narrow feet and always end up having gaps when I try on shoes. The elastic makes them fit perfectly and I don’t have any loopholes. feel like I’m going to get out of them. ”

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