Stolen Rifle, Wallet Theft: Elmhurst Cops


ELMHURST, IL – Over the past few days, Elmhurst Police have dealt with cases involving a stolen gun, wallet theft, missing restaurant tips and harassment messages. Here is the information from the latest Elmhurst police reports:

Stolen weapon

  • A resident of the 600 block of West Belden Avenue told police someone entered her locked car parked in the driveway and stole a handgun loaded from the unlocked center console. The theft took place between 12:30 a.m. on Saturday and 3 p.m. on Sunday.

Wallet theft

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  • A customer of Whole Foods Market, 215 S. Route 83, told police that her wallet containing credit cards and an Illinois driver’s license was stolen from her purse around 11:30 am Saturday. Shortly thereafter, the victim was notified of several unauthorized charges on his credit cards. The suspect was described as a 30-year-old black woman with long black hair and wearing all-black clothing.

Tip theft

  • A server at Buffalo Wild Wings, 149 N. York St., said someone left the restaurant during her shift with money from her two previous tables that she served. Police left a voicemail message for the suspect.

Car burglary

Find out what’s happening in Elmhurst with free real-time Patch updates.

  • A car was broken into Friday near Mack’s Golden Pheasant Restaurant, 668 W. North Ave. Someone smashed the rear passenger window of the locked car and stole a briefcase containing a laptop, a computer bag containing an Apple iPad, and a machine that helps breathing.

Harassment messages

  • One person told police that a stranger sent 22 harassing text messages about a family member owing money abroad. The problem was reported on Sunday. An investigation is underway.

Weapon found

  • A man said that while cleaning his father’s house in Cambridge’s 700 block, he found a handgun he wanted to hand over to police for destruction. The weapon was delivered Thursday around 8 p.m.

Order of protection

  • A resident of the 100 block of North Michigan Street told police on Friday that she had a protection order against a suspect, but it has expired. She was alarmed and disturbed when she found a note on her car from the suspect. She did not wish to lay charges, but wanted the incident documented.

Suspicious encounter

  • Young people told police they were approached by a person who started talking about trains at 3:30 p.m. Saturday in York and Adelaide streets. The young people ran away and told an adult about the situation. We learned that the person was autistic, but very functional. He is interested in trains and safety. The person’s parents said they would talk to him about how he approaches people, especially young people.

Camera found

  • A person on Friday found a bag containing photographic equipment in the 100 block of North York Street. An officer took possession of the camera bag, inventoried its contents and filed the objects in evidence.

Fugitive drivers

  • Officers saw a car that displayed a stolen license plate around 4 a.m. Sunday on Route 83 and Interstate 290. The vehicle sped eastbound on Interstate 290 after an officer attempted to pull over. stop it.
  • An officer attempted to stop a speeding four-door Dodge Charger at around 2 a.m. on Thursday near Grand and Lake. The driver fled, last seen eastbound on Interstate 290. The suspect was known to have been involved in several ATM burglaries in the area.

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