Stay charged at all times with this powerful wallet and pay half the price

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Among the items Americans spend the most time carrying on a daily basis, phones and wallets top the list, or nearly so. So why not make them work together to your advantage?

Keep all your important cardslicenses and money safely while keeping your phone battery running at full power with a boost from the Moovy Power Wallet: integrated power bank and integrated sockets. This sleek, ultra-slim product offers all the functionality of a favorite wallet while boasting a 4000mAh battery primed to keep you powered up at all times.

Normally priced at $129, this wallet is currently available for half that cost. A discount drops the price to just $64.99 for a limited time, which presents an ideal opportunity to upgrade your personal tech arsenal or help someone else who needs this two-in-one tool. -a.

In addition to a built-in battery, the Moovy Power Wallet has a built-in charging cable that is capable of restoring your phone to full power twice. A bi-fold design offers a classic look, but the rest of its construction is a glimpse into the future.

With a 4.5 out of five star Oui Power rating based on customer reviews, this wallet is compatible with Apple, Micro USB and Type-C devices, presenting a versatile solution to the many charging needs you may encounter. . It can hold up to five cards and has a chrome money clip. Plus, the Moovy Power Wallet is made from premium vegan leather, so you’ll get a luxury look without contributing to animal harm.

Whether you’re on the go for work every day or getting ready for a big trip, make sure the Moovy Wallet is part of your on-the-go accessory plan. Get this versatile product today for only $64.99 (reg. $129).

Prices subject to change.

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