Spoilers “victims”: the frenzied evening of Faith Cadogan!

Faith Cadogan has a crazy night out with Stevie Nash and meets new junior doctor Paige Allcott along the way!

Victim The episode “Handcuffs” (BBC1, 9:30 pm, Saturday January 08, 2022 – See our TV guide for listings) sees Faith, a widow of three children, coming off her hair during a rare night out with her best friend Stevie.

Elsewhere, the ER team is stunned when new junior doctor Paige is admitted to the ER handcuffed to a violent thief …

Full spoilers below

Faith Cadogan’s Indecent Proposal

Faith Cadogan (Kirsty Mitchell) doesn’t particularly like the vibe of a noisy nightclub she’s going to with Stevie Nash this week, and decides to get home early.

But before being able to recover her coat, Faith finds herself on her knees in the debris!

Bar worker and thief crash into club interior balcony [see below for more on this story] then the kind nurse stays to help treat the ambulant casualties.

Once the injured are treated, Stevie (Elinor Lawless) persuades Faith to stay and dance the night away …

A line of shots and a little boogie later Faith is turned on by the handsome stranger James (Coronation Street‘s Richard Keep). Feeling adventurous, will she ask the age-old question – your place or mine?

New Paige.  Shalisha James-Davis joins Casualty as Junior Physician Paige Allcott.

New Paige. Shalisha James-Davis joins Casualty as Junior Physician Paige Allcott. (Image credit: BBC)

A new doctor is testing Dylan Keogh’s patience!

Making a good first impression is essential when starting a new job. Sadly, new junior doctor Paige Allcott (Alex Cavalier star Shalisha James-Davis) didn’t get that memo and ends up in hot water with Holby ED Clinical Manager Dylan Keogh even before starting his first shift!

Paige’s disastrous introduction to the ER begins when she is brought to the hospital dressed in a police disguise and handcuffed to violent criminal Heath (Silent witness star Darryl Dale).

Before that, viewers saw Paige working at a local nightclub when she saw Heath stealing a purse. She runs after him and hands him handcuffs, as he climbs onto a balcony. But Heath suddenly suffers a seizure that brings them both down and needs emergency treatment!

Dylan Keogh holds Paige Allcott's future in his hands ...

Dylan Keogh holds Paige Allcott’s future in his hands. (Image credit: BBC)

Impossible mission

Embarrassed, Paige tries to keep a low profile in the ER as she is due to start work there on Monday. It turns out to be impossible, however, when Heath tries to make a runner while still handcuffed to him. When the police threaten to take them both to the police station, Paige is forced to confess who she is to her new colleagues!

With the handcuffs off, Paige begins to feel sorry for Heath, as he talks about his life. She secretly contacts her mother, Ginny (Emmerdale‘s Amelia Curtis) who shows up in the ER, sending Heath into a violent rage!

Unimpressed, Dylan (William Beck) gives Paige a harsh talk for his serious breach of patient privacy. She promises it’s unique but later becomes convinced that Heath has a brain tumor and tells her theory to the troubled thief, causing even more trouble!

Is Paige’s medical career over before she begins?

Ethan Hardy is struggling to be separated from his son.

Ethan Hardy is struggling to be separated from his son. (Image credit: BBC)

Also in ‘Casualty’ this week…

The ER team is stunned (but not speechless) when new junior doctor Paige shows up. As the presentations go on, this one is certainly unique and prompts Robyn Miller, David Hide and Marty Kirkby to speculate, causing gossip to overdrive!

Meanwhile, it’s revealed that Robyn (Amanda Henderson) is dating a mysterious man – is he someone her friends know or a brand new handsome?

Elsewhere, Ethan Hardy (George Rainsford) pines for Bodhi. Does he regret having handed over his young son to Fenisha’s parents?

And David (Jason Durr) is relishing his new role as Acting Senior Nurse Manager – could he become permanent? Or is Jacob Masters (Charles Venn) ready to take over the role?

Charles Venn as Jacob Masters in Casualty.

Has Jacob Reached the Point of Return? (Image credit: BBC)

This episode of Victim aired on Saturday January 8, 2022 at 9:30 p.m. on BBC1.

It will then be available on BBC iPlayer.

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