Spoilers Hollyoaks: Is Trish Minniver En route to Mexico?


Trish Minniver (Denise Welch) can’t wait to flee to Mexico with her man, Fergus Collins (Robert Beck).

Does she take one more step to Mexico tonight Hollyoaks at 6.30 p.m. (see our TV guide for the full listings)?

Evil businessman Fergus makes it clear that his only priority is getting Trish to Mexico and suggests a deal that might work for him and Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas).

But time is running out for the sinister Fergus, who runs an illegal stream of surveillance cameras, spying on young women in “Operation Bluebird.”

Will Trish pack her suitcase for foreign climates or are things about to take a different turn?

Fergus Collins at Hollyoaks

Evil businessman Fergus Collins plans to make a runner in Mexico. (Image credit: Lime Pictures)

Elsewhere, things get complicated for the dream team, Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard) and Becky Quentin (Katie McGlynn) who together lead The Dog.

Tony’s wife and new mom Diane (Alex Fletcher) was recently seen leaving the village for help with her OCD.

Becky Quentin in Hollyoaks

Becky and Tony get along a little too well. (Image credit: Lime Pictures)

Diane broke the news to Tony, that she was taking their baby with Eva and that she would return to Hollyoaks when she felt strong enough.

She gave Tony instructions to focus on the success of the pub, but Becky built up muscles and got a little too close to Tony, lashing out to help him.

When Tony’s wife Diane returns home, feelings escalate and events follow.

New mom Becky with Diane and Tony Hutchinson at Hollyoaks

Tony, Diane and Becky: three is a crowd! (Image credit: Lime Pictures)

Meanwhile, superstar Pearl Lomax (Dawn Hope) who runs the Deveraux family, juggles a to-do list that seems to grow longer by the minute.

Hollyoaks star Dawn Hope

Pearl made herself very helpful. Is she going to stay? (Image credit: Lime Pictures)

However, with Martine Deveraux (Kelle Bryan) recovering so quickly from her recent mastectomy, the Devereaux might not need Pearl’s help any longer.

Will she pack her bags or will she want to stay in the village?

Nate Denby at Hollyoaks

Nate Denby is looking for DeMarcus Westwood. (Image credit: Lime Pictures)

Meanwhile, Nate Denby (Chris Charles) who supported Felix Westwood (Richard Blackwood) son DeMarcus (Tomi Ade) has good news for DeMarcus.

Nate offers DeMarcus a job, but what exactly does that entail and will DeMarcus be willing to take it?

Hollyoaks airs Monday to Friday on C4 at 6.30 p.m. with the next next episode on E4 at 7 p.m.

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