Skillman Park Runner finds smashed car window and stolen purse and wallet

By Barbara A. Preston | February 10, 2022

A Montgomery rider at Skillman Park found her front passenger window smashed and her Coach bag and wallet missing from her vehicle in the park’s parking lot on Tuesday, February 8 at 5:12 p.m.

The victim told Montgomery Township police that as she finished her ride, she observed a black two-door sedan, possibly a BMW 3-Series, parked next to her vehicle in the parking lot. The driver of the vehicle, a dark-haired Asian man in his 20s wearing wire-rimmed sunglasses, then drove right past her, the victim told police.

Entrance to Skillman Park from Burnt Hill Road.

Skillman Park in Montgomery Township is owned and operated by Somerset County. The park covers approximately 250 acres and is accessible from Route 601 and Burnt Hill Road, using Main Boulevard. The park offers beautiful vistas and a 2.25 mile paved multi-use loop trail. There are several parking lots located off the main boulevard where you can park and easily access the trail. Police have not identified the parking lot in which the crime took place.

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Any witnesses to this incident should notify the Montgomery Township Police Officer, Clifford, at 908.235.3002.

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