Sandals Birkenstock Arizona EVA 2021

Unlike more traditional EVA sandals Contemporary Arizona– wool, sheepskin or leather ones – plastic ones will not empty your bank account. They’ll also look good on your feet as well (and, in some cases, better – these Birkenstocks shouldn’t be worn outside the house, sorry!).

Spending over $ 100 on a pair of shoes is a huge commitment. But less than $ 50? I can take it. Let’s do the math. If I pay $ 45 for a pair of shoes that I’ll wear at least 90 days a year – more than three months during the summer – it’s about 50 a day. And I’ve been wearing mine for over two years now. Birkenstock basically pays me to wear them at this point. (That’s how it works, right?)

In addition to their lower price, EVAs are comfortable and much easier to maintain than their more expensive leather counterparts. EVAs are made of synthetic plastic or ethylene vinyl acetate (the sandal’s name, EVA, is an acronym for this combination of materials). So whether I’m wearing them in the dry heat of the Joshua Tree Desert, California, or the crowded streets of Manhattan, all I have to do to clean them is wipe them down with soap and a towel.

From my perspective as a Wirecutter writer, the most important aspects of a shoe are affordability and durability. But the superficial side of my judgment, important to any style writer, is to prioritize the appearance of a shoe. And although EVA are affordable, durable and comfortable, the real reason to buy a shoe is that it fits your feet, to complement an outfit. Arizona EVAs easily look as presentable as the more expensive Arizona ones, maybe even more so, thanks to their attractive and subtle monochrome coloring.

I have owned both the leather Birkenstock sandals and the plastic Birkenstock EVAs, and there is no time when I would wear leather Birkenstocks that I would not also wear my EVAs. For any situation where a nice and understated pair of sandals does the trick, these two are completely interchangeable. Which means that for under $ 50 you can own a pair of Birkenstocks that keep the history and style of the leather version, but also improve the price of these shoes and their ease of care. Plus, EVAs are available in a bunch of colors.

I am extremely basic. I have the EVAs only in black. But I plan to buy some blanks next. If I wanted to to, I could buy a pair of Arizona lime EVAs. And then I could walk them distractedly through a mud puddle. And then I could clean them up, and they would look like they just arrived – all unless you pay for a similar pair of shoes that wouldn’t recover from that dirty walk around the block. You know what it is called in business, right? It’s magic, children.

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