Registration opens for the Spa-Con video game tournament

Players will have the opportunity to participate in the Spa-Con Showdown “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” video game tournament on September 24 at the Hot Springs Convention Center as part of Spa-Con 6.0, the sixth annual comic book and entertainment convention. pop culture, according to a press release from Visit Hot Springs.

“He has a wide variety of interests that he would appeal to, so everything from comic book and anime fans to fans of science fiction and pop culture in general,” Paul Kagebein, adult programs coordinator at the Garland County Library and the Video Game Tournament. organizer, said.

The Spa-Con Showdown, presented by National Park College, Garland County Library and Visit Hot Springs, will feature two video game competitions, including the Nintendo Switch game, “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate,” a fighting game featuring featuring over 85 “iconic” games. video game characters such as Mario, Pikachu, and Link as well as Sonic the Hedgehog, Pac-Man, and Ryu from “Street Fighter,” according to the statement.

“You can lose up to two sets, which starts with the best of three matches,” Kagebein said. “If you lose two sets you are completely eliminated from the tournament, but the first time you lose you will go to the losers bracket and still have a chance to come back and win.”

There will also be a second support tournament for the fighting game developed by Arc Systems Work and the seventh main installment in the “Guilty Gear” series, “Guilty Gear -Strive-“.

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The statement mentioned a rivalry between players from central Arkansas and those from northwestern Arkansas. Kagebein said Spa-Con gives them a chance to “prove who’s the best.”

“There’s not a lot of cross-travel, so it’s generally undetermined how the best players here and the best players there actually compare to each other for the best in the state overall” , did he declare.

“Players take this very seriously. There are cities in Arkansas and every other state where there are weekly tournaments, so those go towards their official rankings, which are always changing.”

Kagebein said he would place players in brackets based on their ranking, with higher ranked players up and newcomers down.

Weekend tickets for Spa-Con are $25 through July 23. From there until September 23, the price goes up to $35, according to the release. Registration for the video game tournament incurs an additional $10 fee after purchasing Spa-Con tickets, Kagebein said. Support for the “Smash Bros.” the competition peaks at 120 players.

The top eight competitors will win cash prizes, according to the statement. There is a pot bonus of $1,250, which will be added to each player’s fee $10 pot collection.

“So if there are, say, exactly 100 players, that’s $1,000 in their $10 pot plus an additional $1,250, which is sponsored by National Park College,” Kagebein said.

“It will be divided into a certain percentage reduction between the top eight players,” he said. “The more entries, the higher the price.”

There are also 100 VIP passes available, which include a Spa-Con tote bag, a Spa-Con t-shirt, a Spa-Con coffee mug, a mystery object and a Spa-Con laminate, as well as the VIP lounge access, food, drink, VIP parties, celebrity meet-and-greets, and guaranteed access to all events, for $100 each through July 23, according to the statement.

Between July 23 and September 22, passes will cost $125 and on September 23, they will go up to $150.

Tickets can be purchased at and competitors interested in the video game tournament can register by clicking on the “Gamers” tab and then clicking on the link “”. The deadline for registering to compete will be around two days before the start of the tournament, Kagebein said.

“We have a lot of players, not just from central Arkansas, but from all of Arkansas and surrounding states,” he said. “Usually there is at least one representation from almost every border state.”

Spa-Con will take place the weekend of September 23-25 ​​and will feature celebrity guests including Lori Petty, who currently stars in “Station 11,” a post-apocalyptic miniseries airing on HBO Max, Beau Billingslea, best known for his role as the voice actor of The Fourth Raikage and Homura in the animated series, “Naruto” as well as Mark Rolston, known for roles such as Private Drake in “Aliens” and Walter Pierce in “Star Trek: The Next Generation” .

Garland County Library Adult Program Coordinator Paul Kagebein talks about the “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” video game tournament taking place during Spa-Con in September. – Photo by Courtney Edwards of The Sentinel-Record

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