Paraguayan gangster breaks out of prison wearing skirt and wig

A Paraguayan mobster known as ‘Gordito Lindo’, which translates to ‘Cute Chubby Man’, has dressed up as a woman and walked out of one of Paraguay’s most notorious prisons.

CCTV footage from Tacumbú National Penitentiary shows the mobster, real name César Ortiz, wearing a long blue skirt, makeup, nail polish, wig and face mask, exiting through the front door with several packed plastic bags.

He was reportedly visited by a woman who allegedly smuggled clothing and paraphernalia into the prison.

Authorities said the mobster was able to pass through several checkpoints without suspicion.

Ortiz, however, was picked up a few blocks from the jail, along with three other people, who allegedly helped him escape and intended to move him to a safe house.

Ortiz is believed to be a high-ranking member of Paraguay’s most powerful local criminal group which controls several prisons in the country.

Edgar Olmedo, Paraguay’s justice minister, told local media that the prison director and other Tacumbú officials were being investigated as possible accomplices.

“The prison officers opened the exit doors for this person. Obviously laziness is shown, whether it’s inexperience or negligence,” Olmedo said. “No one can enter the prison without being identified, and no one can leave the prison without being identified either.”

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