Owner’s wallet lost in US eight months ago in Batala of Punjab: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Ravi Dhaliwal

Batala, October 15

For a Batala-based surgeon, it turned out to be a red day today when a stranger showed up at his residence and handed him his wallet which he lost eight months ago during a trip to the United States. The handbag contained Rs 40,000 and important documents when he went missing. Today, everything turned out to be intact.

In February, while visiting his daughter in Los Angeles, Dr. Satnam Singh Nijjar lost his wallet during his morning walk. His family scoured the area for the wallet, but to no avail. The doctor then returned to India. New documents were prepared and the story ended there. “When wealth is lost, nothing is lost, when health is lost, something is lost, but when your documents are lost, everything is lost,” he often told his family.

One morning, a lawyer, Scott C. Smith, who lives near the residence of Dr. Nijjar’s daughter, found the purse while he was walking. Inspired by the doctor’s photograph on the PAN card, Smith proceeded to the North Vermont Gurdwara and handed him over to Granthi (priest) Sarabjit Singh.

Doing his part, whenever a Punjabi came in to pay his respects, Sarabjit would show him the PAN card. He also asked if the person recognized the “Sikh in the photo”. Six months passed but success eluded him. Nevertheless, he kept trying. “You have to take a lot of bad roads before you find the right one,” he said.

Finally, Sarabjit decided to visit his hometown of Jalandhar this week. The first thing he did upon arrival was to go to the local income tax office to locate Nijjar’s address. Once he got the details, he sent his brother Gurpreet Singh to Batala and asked him to click on the pictures to send to Smith.

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