NASA and Hideo Kojima Team Up on ‘Space Ludens’ Anicorn Watch

NASA and Hideo Kojima have teamed up to release a wristwatch based on the video game developer’s mascot, Ludens.

Produced by Anicorn, the Space Ludens Watch(Opens in a new window) features elements of the iconic gray and gold aesthetic of futuristic explorer Ludens, designed by Yoji Shinkawa.

“Anicorn is honored to present the once-in-a-lifetime collaboration watch – Space Ludens, an epic partnership that draws inspiration from Ludens to proclaim creativity, imagination, and the element of playfulness in culture,” says the company.

Through a series of tweets(Opens in a new window), Anicorn highlighted various features of the watch, such as the engraved serial code and four corner studs resembling a “Turing pattern” that reflect Ludens’ extra-vehicular creative activity (ECA) suit; the NASA worm logo; and the Kojima Productions motto “From Sapiens to Ludens”, inscribed on the bezel at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions.

(Credit: Anicorn Watch)

The Space Ludens watch will be available for purchase starting September 27. There’s no word on pricing yet, but if the previous Anicorn x NASA links(Opens in a new window) are something to spend, you can expect this product to start somewhere around $1,000.

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Described by Anicorn as “a perfect alignment with the concept of ‘bringing the fun into the unknown universe'”, this collaboration is not limited to a simple special edition clock. The watchmaker also revealed a skull-themed t-shirt, bag and mask (like the one featured in the Kojima Productions logo), which will be released alongside Space Ludens on September 27, exclusively through Anicorn.

Kojima, meanwhile, recently announced a new Spotify podcast.(Opens in a new window) called Brain Structure, described as “a deep dive” into Hideo Kojima’s brain, shedding light on his creative process. The Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding creator has also set the gaming world on fire with a mysterious teaser that appears to feature Elle Fanning(Opens in a new window).

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