Marianne Smyth on her love life, from art to sandals

The last thing I bought was my New Balance Made in UK 991 trainers in pink and grey. My little girl is going to be very jealous.

New Balance Made in UK 991, €190 on

My love of photography and painting started during my childhood holidays in Ireland. I remember visiting an art gallery in Clifden with my father and being very moved by the exhibition.

Light in Provence is out of this world – no wonder it’s an artist’s paradise. My in-laws have a family home there and we are lucky enough to be able to visit every year with the children.

The paintings of Robert Rauschenberg taught me that there are no rules with art and photography. I studied his work during my college years, and the way he used real objects in his paintings definitely inspired me to follow my instincts.


The Row Banana bag, my best second-hand find, from The Hosta

My most precious piece is a waist bag from The Row. I bought it used, but unused, from The Hosta, and I use it every day.

I recently watched nomadland and I loved that the music of my favorite composer, Ludovico Einaudi, played throughout. When I feel stressed, he is my interlocutor. His music helps me relax and focus, and when my son was a baby, it sent him off in seconds.

I’m very subtle when it comes to jewelry. One of my favorite Irish designers is a brand called FAWE. Their work is so beautifully delicate and unique. Recently I purchased a pair of mismatched earrings from Timeless Pearly. They are really unique and fun, but still work well with my minimalist style. Now that we can finally go out to dinner in the coming weeks, I love experimenting with earrings again!


Summer Fridays Lip Balm, €23 at

In my purse you will always find my purse, Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm, my Ilia Multi-Stick, and some sort of snack for the kids. And of course, nowadays, a face mask!

My favorite sandals that I own are my Gaia sandals from The Row. I have worn them so much.


Raey Fold Dad Baggy Boyfriend Jeans, €152 at

I would have liked to buy the Raey Fold Dad Baggy Boyfriend jeans. I had my email notification for a while. These are the ultimate baggy jeans to pair with a strappy camisole or plain white tee, and with a pair of strappy heels for a night out. It’s been too long!

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