Man who heard that woman forgot her wallet at home helps pay for Lady Nigeria’s groceries news


  • Woman named Becky Loos explained how a stranger helped her in times of need
  • Mom said she realized she left her wallet at home when she reached a supermarket checkout
  • The distraught lady was about to leave without the items when a nice man offered to pay for them

A woman expressed gratitude to a stranger who paid for her groceries after leaving her wallet at home.

After Becky Loos left her wallet at home, a stranger paid for her groceries. Photo: Becky Loos.
Source: UGC

According to Becky Loos, she had already shopped and the items she had chosen were scanned by the cashier when she realized that she had left her wallet in her child’s diaper bag.

Missing wallet

“After I couldn’t find my wallet, the cashier and bagger graciously offered to put my order on hold and put all my perishable items in a cooler so I could go home to collect my wallet,” a she declared.

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However, according to the mom, she lives more than 20 minutes from the store and by the time she returned, over an hour would have passed.

“It was already 7:00 am and we still needed dinner. I succumbed to the fact that I had to place an order online and pick it up the next day, ”she said.

Loos explained that she felt defeated as she had a lot to do at home since her husband had traveled.

“My son, who had just finished helping me put everything on the treadmill, kept asking me what was wrong.

“In my frustration and anger (at myself), I said I didn’t have my wallet and we had to leave,” she said.

Good Samaritan

At this point, a man named Barry overheard the conversation and stepped in to lend a hand.

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According to Loos, Barry asked for the full amount, but she refused. However, he insisted and she let him pay.

Barry then told him that he had found himself in a similar situation and that his late wife wanted him to help her.

He told him:

“My wife passed away recently and if she was here she would want me to help you. So I do it for her too.

A grateful Loos wrote:

“He was my saving grace tonight. It’s a reminder that there is a lot of good out there. “

Another nice stranger

During this time, Earlier reported that a young man, Bear Taliferro Jr, put a big smile on a family’s face after overhearing their conversation in a supermarket where he went shopping.

He said he was in the store when a little girl asked her mother what was wrong when she saw her mother’s eyes filled with tears.

In response and in an emotional voice, the mother told the daughter that they could not afford to eat that evening.

Source: Legit

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