Local handbags to watch for in 2022

Handbags are a woman’s closest friends because they not only increase her confidence, but also store her whole world! The handbag industry is evolving to offer stylish and chic bags with a focus on sustainability.

Here are some homemade bag labels to watch for in 2022, in support of “VocalforLocal”.

A company that creates ethically made bags by combining Indian history with sustainability and minimalism. The brand creates bags with a rich aesthetic that showcase Indian craftsmanship. They want to keep their authentic craftsmanship by creating bags with unique aspects, classic shapes and multifunctional functions.

The Tales of Bags

TheBagTales was formed by two high school mates with the intention of weaving a story into each of their collections. TheBagTales is one of the few Indian made entirely wooden pouches from Sesham. The “Work Wear Edit”, their latest vegan line, is aimed at young women and professionals preparing to return to work in the new normal. The bags are created with fine croc textured vegan leather and Sesham wood handles by Indian karigars.


A cruelty-free vegan brand that believes in Style with Purpose. Zouk’s mission is to present India’s rich cultural history to the world in a modern form. The brand creates trendy bags for millennials with an Indian touch. The brand continues to research and pay homage to Indian culture and tradition through its products.

MIO Borsa

MIO Borsa was created with the goal of transitioning to a more sustainable fashion while remaining stylish and cruelty-free. The bags are made of PU and plant-based materials created from pineapple leaves to give them a shiny sheen and the appearance of “real leather”. There are a variety of subtle pastel hues, vibrant styles, and eco-friendly bags available.

Smart Jute

Jute Smart, based in Calcutta, is a brand that has challenged the belief that jute is primarily used for bags and shopping bags. The bags are both fashionable and environmentally friendly.

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