Llantarnam Community Primary School is the headquarters of the area’s Tin on the Wall project. Residents support local families with food parcels

Tin on the wall? I had no idea what that meant when I was first told that Llantarnam had a Tin on the Wall band.

To borrow a famous advertising slogan, it “does exactly what it says on the box”. Residents leave food on their wall (or outside their house) and it is collected to help those in need.

The school has large shelves where food is stored before being packed into food parcels

Its beauty makes it as easy as possible for people to donate to a food bank. How many times have you taken your shopping cart out of a supermarket and spotted the food bank checkout at the exit? Llantarnam residents know that every other Saturday they can get an item or two outside their home and it will go to a family in need.

Several volunteers go through the area, locate the objects and put them in their trunk.

I spent Saturday morning watching it in action and recorded a video (scroll down) to show what it’s all about.

woman puts a packet of food in a bag

Watch a video

Motorists drive to Llantarnam Community Primary School where volunteers check the expiry date of each item and write it on a label. Items are placed in plastic boxes with category names before being neatly organized on a large shelf in a school hallway.

Cllr Dave Thomas, Llantarnam Ward, was keen to stress that you don’t have to be the parent of a school child to get help. If you live in Llantarnam and are struggling, you can get a food parcel. The Morrisons store in Cwmbran donates regularly, but it estimates that 90-95% of what is collected comes from local residents.

Emily Boshein from the school said if they had too much of an item they donated to other food banks in Torfaen. They recently made a large donation of sanitary products and shared them around other collection points.

woman puts a packet of food in a bagSchool children help pack items into food parcels on Thursday ready for delivery to local homes on Friday.

man checks expiration date on food woman puts a packet of food in a bag a girl puts boxes on a cart woman writes on a jar man collects tin

It’s a pretty slick setup. The cars have arrived. The boots have been unloaded. The carts moved away. Things checked. Date labels added. Everything is done by a group of volunteers who just want to help others in their community.

I loved the description in the video of ‘We are like Asda’. They don’t want people to feel embarrassed about needing a helping hand, it’s as normal as getting a supermarket delivery to get through a difficult situation.

Follow the Llantarnam Food Bank Facebook page and message them if you or someone you would like to receive a package.

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