Lady Gaga Brings New Air to Handbags on Chromatica Ball Tour – Footwear News

Gaga skipped last night’s MTV Video Music Awards for other major projects.

Lady Gaga posted a reel on Instagram Sunday wearing an oxygen tank as a “handbag” during her last stop in Hershey, Pennsylvania, as part of The Chromatica Ball summer stadium tour.

“Tonight was the highest-grossing show at HERSHEYPARK STADIUM IN HISTORY since The Rolling Stones in 2005,” Gaga said in the caption.

The Grammy Award-winning entertainer wore a statement leather jacket over a black bodysuit. His biker garment featured ornate shoulder lapels and chrome hardware throughout, especially exposed zippers to give a bolder look.

The “Rain On Me” singer wore the tops with black fishnet tights and leather thigh-high boots that surprisingly lacked any sort of leverage. Gaga was known for saying she’d rather die than her fans not see her in a pair of high heels. The singer has also opened up in recent years about her diagnosis of fibromyalgia, a chronic condition that intermittently causes widespread musculoskeletal pain, which could be another reason she opted for some comfort on tour.

The “House of Gucci” star completed the look with some unique accessories. To her right, Gaga wore a glove that transformed her hand into a “Stranger Things” Vecna-like claw. His fingers had long, sharp, curved black horn-like nails on each finger. In her left hand, Gaga held a portable oxygen cylinder that she described as her “favorite purse” in the text of the video to the intro music for ROSALÍA’s song “BIZCOCHITO.” She wore a mask attached to the tank as she strolled backstage. Supplemental oxygen can help musicians relax and perform at their best.

Gaga’s tour is set to end soon on September 17 in Miami.

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