Kylie Jenner shows off her daughter Stormi’s designer closet with $600 Gucci sandals and $400 Fendi visor in a $36 million mansion

KYLIE Jenner showed off her daughter Stormi’s designer closet filled with expensive clothes, shoes and accessories.

The Kardashians star has previously come under fire for flaunting her wealth on social media.


Kylie gave fans a peek into her daughter Stormi’s closetCredit: Instagram
The little girl had a shelf exclusively for Gucci shoes


The little girl had a shelf exclusively for Gucci shoesCredit: Instagram/@kyliejenner
Kylie showed off Stormi's summer dress collection


Kylie showed off Stormi’s summer dress collectionCredit: Instagram/@kyliejenner

But that didn’t stop Kylie, 24, from showing off the inside of her stunning $36million Calabasas mansion, including a look at her daughter Stormi’s lavish closet.

In a Kylie Baby promotional ad shared on her Instagram feed, the reality star filmed her “favorite spaces” in her minimalist home.

The TV personality made sure to include a snapshot of her four-year-old’s exquisite clothing collection, including a Gucci-exclusive shoe rack.

The carefully decorated area included fuzzy slides, colorful patchwork sandals, rainbow-print Birkenstock-style shoes and two pairs of cowgirl boots, costing around $600 each from the expensive brand.

Kylie Jenner shows off her daughter Stormi's $500 sneakers in a $200,000 Range Rover
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On a shelf above was a bright pink Prada bucket hat, a fuzzy $400 Fendi visor and a purse-turned-basketball for the toddler.

Kylie also included a glimpse of her daughter’s summer dresses, neatly displayed on pink hangers in her bedroom.


Earlier this week, the mother-of-two posted a video of Stormi’s $500 orange sneakers as she rolled around in her $200,000 Range Rover, despite the backlash of her money parade.

The reality star took to her Instagram Stories to capture the little girl’s adorable feet as she squirmed in the backseat of the car.

Stormi’s legs dangled from the rich leather seats in the orange and white kicks before she got up to exit the vehicle.

Kylie captioned her photo: ‘Cutest girl’ as she gushed about her toddler.


But fans have already torn up the TV personality for exposing her millions of dollars while thousands of people struggle with paychecks in the United States.

In May, Kylie sparked backlash after flaunting her expensive accessories and private jet.

Kylie shared a TikTok of herself showing off her lavish lifestyle en route to the Billboard Music Awards.

The mother-of-two captured video of herself donning a gray tracksuit paired with a $210,000 Birkin bag in the short video.

She then recorded herself boarding her $72 million private jet, where a personalized “Kylie” mat was laid out on the tarmac for her arrival.

The Hulu star continued to be showered with luxuries during her flight, including a five-star breakfast and coffee in a personalized “Kylie Air” mug.

She also documented her glamorous session with Stormi, who came to support her father, Travis Scott’s performance on the show.

The trio walked the red carpet together before the father-of-two took the stage.


Reddit users, however, had opinions on Kylie showing off her elaborate fortune in the video, namely her expensive designer bag.

“Imagine being so rich you can just drop $200,000 on a basic looking bag must be nice to slip on and never worry about your bank account again,” one person commented.

“I don’t understand the concept of wanting these bags just because of the price or that ‘everyone has one/wants one’ or that means something.

“Yeah, they look good (some of them) but I can’t even begin to imagine paying $25,000 for a bag…that’s meaningless. and stupid. and frankly, pathetic,” he said. added another.

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“They’re just a status symbol. It’s not about the bag itself,” added a third.

“The only thing that’s special about these bags is the price. They’re just basic handbags,” echoed a fourth fan.

Kylie displayed Stormi's $500 sneakers in her Range Rover


Kylie flaunted Stormi’s $500 sneakers in her Range RoverCredit: Instagram / Kylie Jenner
She shared photos of her $73 million jet


She shared photos of her $73 million jet
Fans tore Kylie apart for showing off her Birkin bag on social media


Fans tore Kylie apart for showing off her Birkin bag on social media

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