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I’m a little famous for packing the wrong shoes to wear on vacation. This year, I finally got tired of ruining an extra pair of leather flats on rocky paths or sandy beaches, and decided to buy some comfortable, weather-resistant sandals before a trip to the resort. the woods of New Hampshire. My husband had always praised Keens, so the brand was a priority when I started my research. I ended up buying the Keen Newport H2 tie-dye sandal.

Originally, I envisioned only reaching them in certain situations, like hiking in hot weather. My taste for shoe trends towards the stylish or the avant-garde – I live in the Day Glove Apartments in Everlane three seasons a year, and love ankle boots and Doc Martens when the weather gets colder. But summer shoes can be so delicate that they either don’t support me enough for the long walks I take every day or are, well, a little ugly.

While these keens sandals are not exactly the more stylish shoe, they are extremely comfortable on any terrain, whether I am hiking a trail full of roots or walking the sidewalk for my 10,000 steps daily in my neighborhood. I constantly find myself looking for them, even with cute outfits like shorts and a cute top. Plus, the tie-dye colourway adds a fun ’90s appeal that matches current trends. Many color options ranging from subtle neutrals to fun patterns are also available.

The shoes are completely waterproof and dry quickly with a polyester upper and rubber sole, making them a great all-weather option, and they are machine washable. They have great traction and (my favorite feature, as I have an awkward gait) a bumper that makes the wearer impervious to squashed toes. Like all Keen shoes, they include anti-odor technology, which means they smell great no matter how much I sweat or wet them.

If you have small feet like me you might be able to save a lot of money like up to 50%. My Newports are actually a kid size 4 (I usually wear a 5.5 or 6 year old adult) and I was almost $ 50 cheaper than they would have been if I had gone for my usual size. They fit very well and are almost identical to the adult version except for a Velcro closure, while the adult Newports are just slip on. I actually like the velcro because it allows for a secure and customizable fit, but I can still remove the shoes without having to undo them.

I’m not the only one who discovered this awesome hack for short adults. A 43-year-old customer who wears a size 7 in women’s shoes wrote: “These fit perfectly. I’m a Keen fan, but the cost is often a bit high for me […] What’s great about adult Keen (other than the price) is that you have [a] separate adjustment at the ankle, and that’s what I needed as my ankles sometimes swell and yet sometimes I have issues with my little fingers and I need looser things there. So the way they’re designed, I can make more adjustments to meet my comfort needs. “

“My fourth pair of Keen and [they’re the] the most beautiful [ones], ” said another buyer. “I wear a 6.5-7 in women’s shoes, but size 6 for big kids fits me really well and that’s what I always buy, and they cost a lot less than an adult size. .. The Keens are the perfect shoes for me all year round. Cool in summer and not too hot in winter when I wear them with wool socks. This tie-dye pair will be fun to work with in a plain uniform and will complement beautifully all my tie-dye clothes at home. Very well packaged and delivered quickly. Thank you! “

Both versions are extremely highly rated by Amazon buyers, with the kids’ version garnering over 6,000 five-star reviews and the adult shoe garnering nearly 4,000. “I’ve been wearing them almost every day for the past nine months. Love them! They hiked, kayaked, biked and just daily use all day with little to no signs of wear and tear. I have had past injuries that make me very difficult with the shoes on, and these offer me the perfect support “, praised another buyer on the adult version.

Find your size on Amazon and make your feet happy for the seasons to come.

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