Jack Rogers sandals review, how to wear them

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Few styling pros are as versatile as the great Jackie Kennedy. From costume sets that made her look polished as a First Lady to her effortlessly elegant holiday style, the woman could do it all with enviable grace. While I might not be confident enough to wear a pillbox hat (sorry, Halston!), There is one way I know I can manage to fit a touch of Jackie’s signature style into it. my summer wardrobe: Jacks.

Jacks flat sandal

Jack rogers

$ 128.00

While many brands over the decades have been inspired by the great Jackie O, there is perhaps no brand more directly related to the former First Lady. After all, she wasn’t just the muse of Jack Rogers’ signature Jacks Flat Sandals, she literally ordered the first pair. Struck by the stitched leather sandals she found while vacationing in Capri in the ’60s, Jackie brought a pair to her shoemaker in Palm Beach for her to replicate. The look immediately grabbed fans (it tends to happen when one of the world’s most impeccably dressed women puts on your shoes) and the rest, as they say, is history.

In the years that followed, Jack Rogers expanded his line to include a number of other styles and silhouettes, but the Jacks remain a summer staple for a reason. With the lightness of a thong but a heavy dose of preppy chic, it’s the perfect thing to pair with just about any outfit you’ll wear until boot season arrives. Denim shorts and a t-shirt? The jacks will make them look instantly assembled. Long beach dress? The Jacks add the perfect touch of relaxed sophistication. Pants and a button down? The jacks take them down a notch so you don’t look overdone. AKA, the perfect light pack vacation shoe and the only thing I’ll throw in my travel bag for summer getaways. I think Jackie would approve.

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