Is this the last wallet you will buy? – Review of the personalized wallet with front pocket “The Kit Slim” by Allegory Goods

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REVIEW – Featuring sturdy full-grain kangaroo leather, a slim profile and customizable accessories, The Slim Kit Allegory Goods might just be the last wallet you’ll ever need.

What is that?

The Slim Kit is a customizable wallet handmade from full grain and durable kangaroo leather and designed to be easily carried in the front pocket. It has 10 different add-ons, such as a zippered wallet or money clip, to personalize one or both sides of the wallet at no additional cost.

A zipped pouch is one of the options.

Material specs

  • Two personalized pockets
  • Center compartment loads from the corner, locking contents in place
  • Made with full grain kangaroo leather – thin, strong and one of the most durable leathers in the world.
  • Handcrafted in Chicago, guaranteed for life
  • Size: 4.4 x 3.75 inches
  • Weight: 3 ounces.
  • Thickness: 0.07 to 0.15 inches depending on pocket customizations
  • Card capacity: central pocket can hold up to 40 business cards – additional card capacity depends on pocket customizations
  • Currency Compatibility: The central pocket requires the banknotes to be folded twice. All of Cash Pocket’s customization options for the front and back will hold any currency.
You can access the central compartment through a corner of the top of the wallet. It could comfortably hold up to 8 cards, I would say, but could hold even more.

Design and functionality

While there is certainly no shortage of slim leather front pocket wallets in the market, Allegory Goods has created something unique with its Kit Slim wallet. They took a standard slim wallet and added the ability to completely customize both sides with useful attachments.

Now you don’t have to play this boring ‘if only they made a wallet with both money clip and elastic strap’ wishing game anymore. The Kit series is made to order.

You can also get a personalized engraving for an additional cost.

You can choose one option for each side of the wallet, in any combination of the choices below:

  1. Card – Contains 3-4 cards.
  2. Stretch – Large capacity elastic card pocket, holds 6-8 cards.
  3. Zipper * – A zipped coin pocket.
  4. Keys – Key pockets with elastic loops, each loop contains two keys.
  5. Transparent – Clear vinyl pocket for credentials.
  6. Shield – RFID protected card pocket for up to 3 cards.
  7. Clip – Money clip with two attachment points.
  8. Strap * – Elastic strap that holds cash, cards or receipts.
  9. Clip / Card Combo – A single attachment point for money clip combined with a card pocket.
  10. Key / Strap Combo – 2 key pockets with elastic loops and one elastic cash strap.

*These are the two that I chose.

At no additional cost, you can get any combination of these options, sewn on both sides of the 100% kangaroo leather wallet. The main compartment opens from one corner, leaving just enough room to slip in a few cards. I carried 4-5 cards during my review period and was able to access them quickly and easily with very little chance of them falling off.

In the photo, the elastic strap, ideal for securing cash or receipts.

Apparently, this central compartment can expand up to the thickness of 40 business cards, and it Is it that expand a bit, I’ve never filled it up to this point as one side of my wallet has a coin pocket, and too much volume would make that pocket very quite difficult to access. I only kept about 4-5 coins there, you sure wouldn’t be throwing in a handful of change.

In retrospect, I think the Clip or Stretch pouch would have been more useful than the pouch. I like the Strap I had installed on the other side, it’s handy for cash when folded up and maybe misplaced receipts. However, I’m afraid the elastic is stretched too far. I haven’t wasted any money in my pockets or otherwise, I just have to wonder if after a year (or maybe less) of use, it would stretch enough to become unstable.

If I had to choose again I think I would go with the Clip and Card as they are fully integrated into the wallet and have a very low wear threshold. No elastic to worry about.

This seam is super secure.

After about a month of daily transport, the wallet held up well, as expected. This was my first experience with kangaroo leather, which retains the durability and smoothness of full grain cowhide, but is much more durable. This is still animal hide, so if you’re looking for something that isn’t from a living creature, you’ll want to back out of this one.

Overall, the wallet displays a level of robustness that will last you a lifetime. In fact, it’s backed by Allegory’s lifetime warranty. I imagine that would include stretched rubber bands as well as frayed seams or holes.

Provided you are happy with the personalization choices you made, this wallet could very well be the only one you will need for the rest of your life. And while this is a phrase that gets used a lot more often than it should … in this case, I think it is quite accurate.

What I like

  • Very thin, slips into a front pocket without any problem
  • Customizable from a multitude of options
  • Robust, could very well last you the rest of your life
  • Kangaroo leather is strong, light and durable

What to improve

  • I can’t think of anything!

Final thoughts

The Slim Kit is indeed a rare treat. The customization options help you take an active role in its creation, and the material, construction, and lifetime warranty will help keep it in your daily transport rotation for years to come. In all honesty, this is the closest thing to The perfect wallet I have never met.

Price: $ 79.00
Or buy: The Kit Slim wallet must be personalized and purchased directly from Allegory Goods.
Source: The sample for this product was provided by Allegory Handcrafted Goods Co.

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