HRH Arfaq’s Ghost handbags, a best kept secret among women


Unstoppable in his creativity, the ghost handbag designer started creating Michael Jackson’s jackets and gloves, then he created the world’s most expensive perfume, and now his $ 65,000 bags are popular among women. famous and royal.

Handbags at $ 65,000 (£ 48,000), have you ever heard of this? Well that’s one thing and the ghost handbags from HRH Arfaq are among the most sought after handbags among royalty and celebrities. Custom made to the last detail, and taking 12-14 weeks to create, it takes longer to make a special order than it does to build a Rolls Royce. But, Ghost handbags are one of a kind, suitable for the woman who wants the most unique of evening bags.

Launched by HRH Arfaq, the creative architect has always had the wheels of design ingenuity in mind. From an early age, he knew he wanted to create but he did not come from wealth, he had to build himself to get to where he is today. Its history so far is filled with incredible breakthroughs and insanely low points. He knew what it is to want, and his initial roots are humble. Hailing from Yorkshire, UK, Arfaq worked hard in his early years, but it was when he saw Michael Jackson’s music video Billie Jean in 1983 that he knew he had to design for the famous world pop singer, and his perseverance has become a reality.

Those $ 65,000 handbags you say

Standing in the Arfaq showroom, the reclusive designer is dressed in black skinny pants cut above the ankle, black sequined moccasins, a black t-shirt with a colorful print, and a light sweater. His energy is calm, not what many might think of him. In low light, he beckons me to sit down while jokes are exchanged. After a few moments, Arfaq details his bespoke handbags that by the end of the conversation it is clear that his handbags are not pretension but works of art and a creative labor of love for Arfaq. to express your creativity.

Each handbag is delivered in a box when a customer receives their bag. Handcrafted in a bronze or rose gold or rose gold finish, it is large and serves to protect and charge the bag. “No moisture or dust gets into the case as the alligator and crocodile skins fade in the sun and the humidity is kept at a point of perfection,” shares Arfaq. “As for the interior, they’re all lined with Bentley leather, lined and hand-sewn. We have a platform here that has all of these amazing wheels, spinning and making industrial wheel noises. The only reason this exists is some kind of theater when you open it. ”

Everything is custom made, from the skins on the outside of the bag to the interior finish, to the lighted constellation lighting at the interior base. A Teflon finish covers the bags so that raindrops do not damage them. The most feminine and strongest of women is his muse like model Kendall Jenner.

As the bags haven’t been on the market for a long time, women can only buy by invitation, but Arfaq plans to drop by by appointment and he is working on the second generation. “In the next generation, we have integrated a palm reader so that when your hand connects, a laser passes through and reads the veins in your hand. As soon as you have it and hold it, it will open according to your fingerprint reader. It also has contactless payment on the bottom and front, so you don’t have to put cards inside the bag. It will have GPS tracking which is standard and it can be tracked globally. This new generation will also have a mini fridge inside in which women can put medicines or lipstick, a touch added by Arfaq for women in hot, humid and arid countries.

Michael jackson

From 1983, Arfaq knew he wanted to design for Michael Jackson, so he worked hard to save and made his dream come true. In 1994, he obtained a forty-five minute audience with the famous singer through Bob Jones, vice president of the production company in Chicago. It was then that Jackson decided to buy every design created by Arfaq, valued at over $ 340,000 +. Theme of the “Fashion or Art” collection to which Jackson called: “pure genius”.

From that point on, Arfaq and Jackson worked together on various collections, cementing a thriving creative, business and personal relationship that lasted until Jackson’s death in 2009. “Being Michael Jackson’s designer was a dream come true. , working closely with him in a creative field was a breathtaking journey, he was a visionary and he pushed me to excel in my field, “recalls Arfaq.

The designer created more than thirty-nine outfits and jewelry for the singer, earning him a sales record of one hundred percent, the highest number of creators in MJJ Productions created for the singer. The “Black Rain” jacket was named after its stunning design and the effects it creates. This is an ultralight jacket, decorated with four specially commissioned military creations, all of which were handmade and tailor-made for the singer. Sewn with gold velvet thread and fine threads, the ridges are exquisite in design. The finishing touches included a 9k gold button closure.

Arfaq’s design creations can be seen in Jackson’s “History World Tour”, Brit Awards and Guinness Book of World Records for the world’s first crystal jacket, the world’s first air-conditioned jacket, the world’s first scented jacket in the world, the world’s first adjustable jacket shoes and the world’s most expensive cufflinks. His last project for Jackson was in September 2001, which sold for over $ 1 million. “He wanted to say it all and was my dearest friend and my first customer,” says Arfaq.


V1 was named by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2000 as the most expensive perfume in history. Its notes are rose, jasmine, neroli, spices, amber and wood. Arfaq and his team of perfumers, including Arthur Burnham, who died in 2007, are the only ones who know the formula. They dug deep into ancient times, into Roman, Greek, Egyptian, and Babylonian history as a guide to using spices like quince, saffron, and myrrh to tell a scent story. “Many of these spices were discovered in Tutankhamun’s tomb after it opened 2,000 years later,” recalls Arfaq.

Work of art, the bottle is created by Ateliers Dinand in Paris, and composed of 1kg of pure platinum 18K gold and ruby ​​crystal. It is finished with a crown encrusted with 2.6 carats diamonds. SC Gordon Ltd, Rolls-Royce and Bentley were commissioned to create the case, as well as the Connolly leather interior.


Located in Mayfair in London, Arfaq’s showroom is called Maison de IF, “IF” meaning this idea of: if I had enough money to buy this handbag, if I could see you smile once in a while. more, etc. A lady said in the showroom, ‘If I didn’t buy this handbag, I would buy it instead,’ then you get the name.

Ghost handbags are really something that has to be seen to be believed, but even deeper, to understand why they cost so much. In a world where many are in need, why spend $ 65,000 on such an indulgence? Arfaq seems to understand this, which is why he created the company to give back. “In about two years, my business plan is to donate one hundred percent of my royalties to charity. The business will still receive revenue, but one hundred percent of my revenue for the Ghost handbag will go to charity, ”he said. Upon meeting him, it is palpable that he is not doing what he does for money. His life is busy but not ostentatious, as you can see grabbing McDonald’s and doing ordinary things. And if he drives a Ferrari and yes, it’s a luxury, it’s more simply the car of his dreams. Calm by nature, creating handbags for $ 65,000, he lives quite discreetly between London and Yorkshire.

Arfaq does what he does because he loves it and can’t seem to stop his wheels of ingenuity. The man is a serial designer and he is very likeable, hence all the details he has thought of for women and what they need in a handbag, striving to make it happen. He just couldn’t do anything with his time other than this passion for creating things with extreme personal touches. “I can create almost anything I can think of and bring it to life,” he mused behind his dark glasses. “When I sit down with accountants, they advise me to delete this or that detail, but I always say ‘no, I want it’. I realized that breaking away from the creative focus and letting the business run works great. I would like to understand how normal things work, but it really is not.

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