How to Watch Your Favorite Japanese Netflix Shows in Canada


The largest catalog of Netflix is ​​that of Japan. The streaming giant was launched in 2015, since which time they have become their most comprehensive library.

If you are a Netflix subscriber in Canada and a fan of Japanese anime / drama, there is no doubt that you are wondering how you can get access to shows not offered in Canada.

In this article, you will be able to learn how to watch Japanese Netflix shows here in Canada. The easiest way to access Japanese Netflix content is to use a VPN, but despite having a lot of them, only a few will be successful in unlocking Japanese Netflix.

So to stream do you have to pay for a VPN service, or is there a Free Netflix VPN for Canada? Let’s find out.

Can I access Japanese Netflix with a free VPN?

Unfortunately, by using a free Netflix VPN in Canada, you will miss out on a lot of servers, which you will need to bypass the Japanese firewall. Therefore, you will have to try a lot of servers / VPNs to see if you will be successful.

Additionally, you will experience slow connection speeds as they are not as fast as a paid VPN. So streaming high definition video is not an option because it will not work. Netflix is ​​also trying hard to stop using the VPN. Therefore, many free VPNs will not go unnoticed by the streaming provider. But it’s worth a try.

Best VPN for Watching Netflix Japan Shows in Canada


With over 5,500 servers worldwide, NordVPN has numerous servers in Japan and closer to the region. Thanks to NordVPN, you can watch Japanese content. In addition to high-speed servers in Japan, NordVPN has special servers to bypass strict internet restrictions and some optimized for P2P file sharing.

For a subscription, NordVPN allows you to use it on up to six devices at a time. Supported devices vary across all operating systems. To use it on your router, there is a manual setup with instructions to follow.

NordVPN is highly secure, private, and relatively quick to use, ensuring cybersecurity. In addition, it has a kill switch function that detects when you are disconnected from your internet source.


For fast, lag-free streaming and a consistent connection, ExpressVPN is the best. It has over 3000 servers in 94 countries, unlocking TV Asahi, NHK and more stations in Japan. Plus, it offers a high level of privacy that even your network provider might not notice you are using a VPN for.

Japanese Netflix Series

The VPN connects to many applications in various operating systems and also has a browser extensions option. You can also customize it for your router.


As a growing VPN, Surfshark has over three thousand servers in many countries. The speeds provided are sufficient even for streaming in high definition quality. There is no limit to the number of devices you can connect with a single subscription.

Japanese TV channels accessible through this VPN are Nippon TV, NHK, and TV Tokyo. Surfshark offers apps for connectivity in a variety of operating systems and an app for Amazon Fire TV. Browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome are available.


With more than 70 servers accessible in Japan, CyberGhost offers a reliable and fast connection. Plus, it unlocks NHK and Tokyo MX, among others. CyberGhost also provides lag-free connectivity for desktop, mobile, Android, and even Amazon Fire TV apps.

Like other recommended VPNs, CyberGhost is router enabled although it requires manual configuration. It incorporates more security features like premium encryption, a kill switch, and 24/7 chat support.

Reasons you need a VPN to access Japanese Netflix in Canada

When you access Netflix, your local IP address contained by default on the internet you are using is tracked and you are directed to our local library available here in Canada. This is called geographic restriction or geoblocking.

A VPN replaces your traceable IP address to one of the countries of your choice, in our case, the Japanese server that you select. The local library is brought to you in the Japanese version of Netflix.


Usually Netflix doesn’t limit what you watch unless content owners allow their distribution agreements with broadcasters in a certain geographically restricted area.

However, agreements with Japanese content owners cause Netflix to ban other users not listed in the geographic area. But there is no need to worry because now you know how to enjoy Japanese Netflix in Canada.

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