How to watch Woke season 2 online: Stream the Hulu comedy wherever you are

Lamorne Morris returns as comic book artist Keef, who is encouraged — largely by animated markers and gregarious trash — to use his public profile to accelerate social change and racial justice. Read on as we explain how to watch Woke season 2 online with a Hulu subscription.

Watch Woke season 2 online

Release date: Friday, April 8 at 12 p.m. PT / 3 a.m. ET

Showrunner: Anthony King

With : Lamorne Morris, Blake Anderson, T. Murph, Rose McIver, Sasheer Zamata, Aimee Garcia

Flow: Hulu with a FREE 30-day trial (opens in a new tab) (US) / FX Now (CA)

The series premiere saw Keef – a fictionalized version of comic book artist Keith Knight – on the brink of mainstream success until a police assault left him traumatized, ‘waking him up’ to numerous injustices and microaggressions. faced by blacks.

This season, Keef finds himself in the limelight when he begins to produce more radical work, becoming the spokesman for all his neighbor’s ills – endangered tree frogs in daylight saving time. – while backing down from corporate attempts to wake up, including appropriating a famous civil rights speech to advertise free Wi-Fi!

Tackle important topics with surreal comedy and socially relevant wit, you can catch all eight new episodes now, as detailed in our guide below on how to watch Woke season 2 online.

How to watch Woke on Hulu in the US

How to Watch Woke Season 2 Online in Canada


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