How to watch TFT Dragonlands Championship: Set 7 Worlds stream, schedule, players

The TFT Dragonlands Championship will decide who is the best Convergence player. Set 7 Worlds invites 32 players from around the world to compete for the game’s biggest prize of over $450,000: here’s how you can watch.

TFT esports continues to grow, and the changes to the competitive format of the TFT Dragonlands Championship are testament to that. An improved format and a lot at stake make Set 7 Worlds the game’s biggest event yet.

The prize pool has been increased by 50%, with just over $450,000 in play throughout the event. This includes a record $150,000 first place prize ⁠ – far more than the $48,000 offered at the Gizmos & Gadgets Championship.

We’ve got everything you need to follow the TFT Dragonlands Championship action here, including how Set 7 worlds will play out and who has already qualified for the event.

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The TFT Dragonlands Championship is the biggest event yet for TFT esports.

TFT Dragonlands Championship: Set 7 Worlds stream

The TFT Dragonlands Championship, like all major events, will be streamed on the official Teamfight Tactics Twitch channel. We’ve embedded it below for your convenience.

TFT Dragonlands Championship: Set 7 Worlds Format

The TFT Dragonlands Championship will take place over three days from November 18-20, 2022. 32 players will participate, from eight different regions. The exact amount of seeds, however, has yet to be shared publicly.

What is known ⁠— and which changes from previous sets ⁠— is the format. TFT’s Set 7 World Championship will be less ruthless and will reward consistency over multiple days. No player will be eliminated from Day 1 to Day 2, and the total points will be added up over the 10 matches played over two days.

The top 8 at the end of it all will make it to Day 3, where they’ll return to the proven mat format. Once a player reaches the 18 point threshold and wins a game, they will be crowned champion.

TFT Dragonlands Championship: Define 7 qualified players for the Worlds

32 players from around the world will qualify for the TFT Dragonlands Championship. Each region has a different qualifying process, but generally it moves from open qualifiers to closed events where top domestic players will have a chance internationally.

For this reason, some players as Amde from NA have already qualified due to their performances in the first events. However, for the most part players are still to strut their stuff in TFT Set 7.5 and Uncharted Realms.

We will update this section once the rankings are confirmed for the TFT Dragonlands Championship and players begin to lock in their spots.

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