Here are some light movies you must watch on the weekends! To verify


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Overall, we have our favorite quiet movies that help us relax. After a dreadful day, week, month, we appeal to this film which presents us with a little harmony and calm. Some characters and producers can flip a switch for us and brighten our day. Sensational movies take a look at this container, and in that sense, then make “relaxing movies”. By chilling movies we mean relaxing or carefree stories told about laid back characters or movies made unmistakably by laid back individuals. As a rule, movies weigh in on kindness and grace. Here are some movies to watch:

Amelia (2001)
A warm and luminous cover of a film on the small pleasures of everyday life, on your territory and on yourself. The modest but vivified Amélie (Audrey Tatou) works in a bistro and lives a little more in her creative spirit than in the incredible big world outside her psyche. She’s hesitant to venture outside of her usual range of familiarity, however, when she does, she begins to demonstrate the coldest of all: helping others. Amélie’s kindness illuminates almost everyone she meets and, due to chef Jean-Pierre Jeanuet’s vision of Paris, the city today. Amelie is a beautiful, painfully fiery and nourishing vision of an exquisite person with no nasty or critical bones in her body that only spreads happiness.

Before Sunset (2004)
Many Richard Linklater films could appear in this recap. The film producer makes such loose, yet firmly developed real-life stories that fall on characters that we wish or maybe even know, in reality. Before Sunset is the climax of Linklater’s unfolding film in its heartfelt set of Three Nots without ups and downs. However, the reunion between Celine (Julie Delpy) and Jesse (Ethan Hawke) is a film brimming with light that is transmitted to the screen every second. It’s a peaceful discussion with Celine and Jessie who usually get lost with each other.

Be there (1979)
Hal Ashby’s copy is delicate. The story has the gnawing minds of Ashby and star Peter Sellers, as do their most disastrous characteristics as storytellers. The parody resonates strongly today, watching Chauncey Gardiner (Sellers) become the famous kid among political eminences for avoiding all things substance related. He’s just a man who loves to cultivate and sit in front of the TV, but at that point again, he might be more than that.

Cook (2014)
Jon Favreau on the whole is generally pleasant and satisfying in chief. Freed from obstruction, Chef paints a portrait of a craftsman, in front of and behind the camera, doing his job without demands. It’s a calming movie, just as it is appetizing. The food pornography in Chef is a delightful sight to see, although unlike many of the gorgeous views at the big studios, it’s hand-made and individual. It is also a particularly cherished film on art and parenthood.

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