google wallet: Google releases the Wallet to hold your cards and tickets. Will it replace Google Pay?

At airports and malls, when asked to show your Covid vaccine certificate, you show a picture of it on your phone, and it works. However, the same cannot happen for any other cards you own. For example, cards that authenticate your identity need to be physically carried in your purse, although if left on Google, that may be a thing of the past.

During its recent I/O event, among many important announcements regarding the launch of Pixel products, Google also revealed that its wallet is here to take control of your physical purse and has the potential to digitize items that have long lived at the bottom of your purse. , and in the compartments of your pouch. However, before explaining how this digitization is happening, let us tell you that Google Wallet will not be available in India, as Google Pay already has the lion’s share of the market and Indians are depending more and more on it every day which pass.

Wallet that holds the money

This is the least complicated feature of Google Wallet. You can store your credit or debit card in your Google Wallet and use them in stores to pay through Google Pay and your transaction will be complete.

Scan tickets, health cards and more

If you’re wondering how your ticket, health cards, driver’s license get into your digital wallet, here are the details: The Alphabet-owned company has already partnered with hundreds of transit agencies, retailers , ticket providers, health agencies, and airlines so they can create versions of their cards or tickets for Google Wallet.

A Google blog post explaining the features of Google Wallet states that “You can add a card or ticket directly to Wallet, or in apps or sites from companies we partner with, you’ll see an option to add to Wallet. We are also working on adding other types of content for Wallet, such as digital IDs or office and hotel keys.

It’s an open wallet

Currently, Google Wallet is open which means any developer can use it and work on it to upgrade it even more. Another interesting feature of this wallet is that it will also be available on budget phones so it can be used by many people. Users in Singapore and the United States will continue to have access to both Google Wallet and Pay, while in 39 other markets Wallet will replace Google Pay.

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